Convention 2021
Convention 2021
Convention 2021

Chapter information

Sigma’s largest event will bring together members and global nursing leaders for five days of education, networking, and important decision making during the House of Delegates sessions. This year, unlike any other, offers opportunities to gather in person or virtually to take part in this special occasion. This year is also special as we begin the celebration of Sigma’s 100th anniversary in 2022.

COVID-19 Convention Impacts

If you plan to attend convention—virtually or in person—understand that COVID-19 will impact some of our longstanding, traditional convention activities. While we cannot yet say exactly what will be affected, expect changes to the flag processional, award presentations, reception lines, and other activities where social distancing and no-touch policies apply.

Chapter Sessions

Sigma will host several sessions about important chapter operations topics, designed specifically for chapter leaders. Be sure to attend any that you think might help your chapter. This is a great time to gather new information and resources, share your ideas with other leaders, learn about other chapters’ successes, and get your questions answered.

All chapter leader sessions will take place in JW 101-102 unless otherwise noted.

Saturday, 6 November

2:30-3:15 p.m. (1430-1515)

Exploring Value and Engagement for Membership Retention

Session Description: Nearly all chapters seek ways to improve membership retention, and many know there is not one simple solution. The key is to help members understand the true value of belonging from day one of their membership, and every day throughout. Explore the ideas of constant orientation, keeping value front of mind, and both proven and unique engagement strategies to help members want to be and stay involved.

3:30-4:15 p.m. (1530-1615)

Building Blocks for a Thriving Leadership Culture

Session Description: Chapters rely on the ongoing succession of qualified, enthusiastic leaders who maintain operations and strive for continued growth. Does your chapter’s leadership team exhibit the kind of culture others want to be a part of? This session will discuss programs to build capable leaders and ways to make serving an enjoyable and mutually beneficial experience.

Sunday, 7 November

10:45-11:30 a.m. (1045-1130)

Induction Intervention – Tipping the Scale to Gain More Members

Session Description: One way to help your chapter reach its membership goals is to maximize new inductees and increase nurse leader recruitment. Explore ways to invite more members through the use of exception clauses and identify opportunities to find qualified Nurse Leader candidates. Learn methods to help increase acceptance rates, starting with someone’s introduction to Sigma, all the way through to active recruitment.

1:45-3:00 p.m. (1345-1500)

Lessons Learned from Virtual Engagement

Session Description: Virtual interactions became the norm last year, and leaders quickly learned how to deliver exceptional membership experiences online. This session offers chapter leaders the opportunity to explore lessons learned and successes with each other in an interactive group discussion to explore the ways virtual engagement can continue to enhance chapter offerings.

Monday, 8 November

9:00-9:45 a.m. (0900-0945)

Connecting the Dots of Chapter Communication

Session Description: Communication is at the core of providing an enjoyable membership experience, helping members understand the benefits they receive, and how their involvement contributes to an organization’s mission and vision. Chapters work hard to consistently communicate the value of membership, and this session will explore tips, ideas, and strategies for delivering effective messages.

1:15-2:30 p.m. (1315-1430)

Collaborating for Success – Universities, Practice Settings, and Sigma Chapters

Session Description: Effective collaborations can help Sigma chapters find additional resources, secure help with events or programs, offer unique benefits, and find cost saving opportunities. Learn about the benefits of formal at-Large collaborations and informal partnerships, and how to find the right groups to work with your chapter.

Chapter Delegates

Chapters are required* to have representation at the House of Delegates sessions on 9-10 November. A virtual option is available for delegates who cannot attend in person. Convention delegates make organizational decisions on behalf of their chapter, so it’s important to review voting options and make decisions as a group prior to the House of Delegates.

Your chapter should have Convention Delegates identified in the Chapter Management System (CMS) Officer and Committee Chair Report. Chapters are bestowed two votes and may appoint two delegates, although one delegate is sufficient and may cast both chapter votes. Delegates can be changed up to the point of convention; however, specific information is continually communicated to those listed as delegates. Should your chapter change its delegates at any time, it’s important to share all communication that has come from headquarters with whoever will be serving in this role.

In addition to identifying delegates in the CMS, delegates also need to be registered attendees of convention in order to participate. The standard registration deadline is 6 October.

If you are serving as a chapter delegate, be sure to visit for more information.

If you are not serving as a delegate, you are still able to attend this event. There will be limited seating available for individuals to watch the proceedings take place. For virtual attendees, there will also be the option to view the sessions. More information will be shared as we get closer to convention.

*Chapters that do not participate in all House of Delegates sessions will be bylaws incompliant, are assessed a non-attendance fee, and are ineligible for the 2021-2023 Chapter Key Award.

Regional Meetings and Candidate Forums

Due to the hybrid nature of this year’s convention, the Regional Meetings that were in the past held on-site during the convention will instead be hosted virtually prior to the start of the event. These meetings will be held during the months of September and October and will be hosted by your Regional Coordinator. All candidates running for the Regional Coordinator position will have an opportunity to address the region during these meetings. These meetings also provide an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful achievements of the region during the past biennium. Connect with your Regional Coordinator to learn more about the details on how to register for your meeting.

Also, you can plan to attend Conversations with the Candidates to meet the individuals running for election. Visit to find dates and times.

Sigma Marketplace

Stop by the Sigma Marketplace where you can browse and purchase chapter products. Sigma provides chapter leaders with products that ensure chapter success in the areas of gift-giving, publicity, operations, and recognition. Visit the Marketplace in Hall A of the Indianapolis Convention Center.

Sigma Staff

Members of the Constituent Services Team will be available to speak with you in the Exhibit Hall. Stop by to chat and pick up some free items to bring back to your chapter!