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Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy recipient sees nursing as a journey

A Sigma Member Story

Eliza Tello, BSN, RN, is a member of Sigma’s Chi Beta Chapter and also a 2020 recipient of the Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy. She graduated with her BSN from West Coast University.

Gaslighting, betrayal, and a culture of fear

By Cynthia Clark, and , and |

Are we moving the civility needle in nursing education?

Relationships and trust: the glue to hold global health together

By Brittney van de Water, and , and |

In the short-term ‘voluntourism’ opportunities I had participated in, I was gaining and learning more from my experience than I was actually giving.

The most difficult year

By Richard Ricciardi, and , and |

My Call to Action—Infuse Joy—may seem out of place for 2020, but in many ways, this year has underscored and reinforced the need for the three essential elements of that call: Awareness, Balance and Purpose, and Co-creation.

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