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In my work, I’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of congestive heart failure readmissions, and I’m on a quest to arm my patients with the power of understanding and a hands-on visualization of their health.
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Judith Allyn McCormack
A village of mentors
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Fueled by a passion for child mental health, my career evolved from clinical roles to leadership, where I’ve pioneered integrated programs and influenced policies globally—all due to the village of mentors who believed in me.
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Ukamaka M. Oruche
The wind phone | S4 E2
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Allison Young’s diverse educational background unexpectedly converged when she discovered an article online about a gardener in Otsuchi, Japan, and an old British phone booth.
Featuring Allison Young
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Transcript | The wind phone
Jerico Alicante: A nurse's journey of compassion and leadership
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Jerico G. Alicante, RN, is not one to say no to a new opportunity, which has led him to serve in many leadership positions. Though Jerico takes pride in these accomplishments, he is most proud of the difference he gets to make for his patients.

Affectionately dubbed as “iskolar ni Auntie”—which translates to "aunt’s scholar”—by his family, Jerico G. Alicante, RN, is not one to be afraid of new opportunities.

Jerico grew up in the Philippines, where he saw several of his close family members pursue nursing careers in the United States. It wasn’t long until he was following in their footsteps. He credits his success to his family’s financial and emotional support in pursuing a career in nursing.

“Nearly two decades after completing my nursing education, I find myself in the US, reigning my clinical practice passion, deeply rooted in the art of healing,” he said. “Today, I embrace the opportunity to pay it forward and support others, just as my family supported me.”

Jerico works as a clinical nurse in the Advanced Heart Failure Department at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, USA. In March 2023, he founded Nurse Echo, LLC, a venture dedicated to offering mentorship, fostering career development, and providing consultation services to nurses at various stages of their careers. He has a vision to expand Nurse Echo, LLC into a global beacon for leadership development and worldwide consulting.

He often finds himself stepping up to be a leader. In his nine years of Sigma membership, Jerico has served in considerable roles for the Sigma Foundation of Nursing, the Sigma Asia Global Regional Committee, and served a judge for the International Awards for Nursing Excellence. Jerico has also dedicated significant time to his chapter, Alpha Eta.

“These experiences and engagements with Sigma have been instrumental, serving as steppingstones in my journey to becoming an emerging global nursing leader,” he said. 

Though Jerico takes pride in his many accomplishments, he is most proud of the difference he gets to make for his patients. Moments when his patients show gratitude for his compassionate care stick with him and help him stay motivated and inspired in all that he does.

“They serve as reminders of the profound impact we as nurses have on individuals during their vulnerable moments,” he said. “Commitment to compassionate care and always doing right by the patient is, to me, the most meaningful accolade I can receive in my nursing career.”

One of the ways Jerico strives to provide compassionate care in through finding small, intimate ways to connect with his patients. As a night shift nurse, Jerico often is tasked with giving early morning CHG baths. Instead of falling into a pattern with this routine task, he turns it into an opportunity to form genuine conversations and connections.

“Through these baths, I engage in enriching conversations, [like] understanding their medical histories, listening to their family anecdotes, exchanging views on diverse topics like faith, reminiscing about memorable trips to places like Europe, and even sharing personal stories, such as the significance of my own tattoo with patients who have their own inked memories,” he said. “These small yet profound moments of connection epitomize the true art and essence of care in nursing for me.”

In the coming years, Jerico plans to continue to live up to his legacy as the “aunt’s scholar.” He aspires to complete his DNP and plans to re-enter the teaching domain to help form the next generation of nurses.

If you’re an early career nurse, new to the opportunities and challenges of nursing, Jerico offers this advice:

Have confidence in your skills and capabilities. Avoid falling into the trap of feeling like an impostor. The fact that you've become a nurse is a testament to your determination, hard work, and belief in yourself. Keep believing in yourself, stay dedicated to your purpose, and never forget that every step you take, every challenge you overcome, is shaping you into a more skilled, compassionate, and confident nurse. The more you trust in your potential and capabilities, the more you'll realize how much you can achieve and contribute to the nursing profession.

Jerico Alicante
2022-03-02 Jerico20996

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