Rising Stars

Rising Stars of Research and Scholarship Invited Student Posters

During the poster sessions at Creating Healthy Work Environments, the following nursing students will have the opportunity to present their research, literature review, or evidence-based project as part of the Rising Stars of Research and Scholarship invited student posters program.

Arizona State University, USA (Beta Upsilon Chapter)
Jennifer Johnson, BSN
Educating OR Staff and Personnel to the Dangers of the Inhalation of Surgical Smoke

Brandman University, USA
Salema Coaxum, BSN
The Use of Exercise to Reduce Depressive Symptoms in Middle-Aged Women

Chamberlain University, USA (Phi Pi Chapter)
Jennifer M. Lindner, BSN, RN; Audrey T. Rabas, BSN, RN; and Gregory E. Farr, BSN, RN
ABMC Fire Safety in the OR-2017

Caroline Tigere, DNP
Triggering and Increasing Palliative Care in the Emergency Department

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, USA
Cherisse Erika Watts, BA (Neuroscience), BA (Spanish), SN
Improving Minority Patient Outcomes Through the Diversification of the Nursing Profession

Dillard University, USA (Xi Psi at-Large Chapter)
Gracian A. Zenon, SN
Prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Infections in College Students

East Tennessee State University, USA (Epsilon Sigma at-Large Chapter)
Kimberly Ramos Dinsmore, SN; and Loyd Lee Glenn, PhD
Analysis of an Instrument to Assess Level of Instructor Dependence in a Clinical Nursing Program

Emory University, USA (Alpha Epsilon Chapter)
AnnaBeth Daley, SN; and Erin Ferranti, PhD, MPH, RN
The Relationship Between Diet Quality and Depressive Symptoms in Postpartum African American Women

Chelsea Olivia Hagopian, MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC; Teresa B. Ades, DNP, FNP-BC, AOCN; Thomas Martin Hagopian, MD; Erik Wolfswinkel, MD; and Grant Stevens, MD, FACS
Improving the Effectiveness of the Informed Consent Process in Elective Aesthetic Procedures

Felician University, USA (Mu Theta at-Large Chapter)
Patricia A. Drabik, MSN, NEA-BC
Engaging the Nursing Workforce With Meaningful Recognition

Frontier Nursing University, USA (Chi Phi Chapter)
Tarnia Newton, DNP, BSN, APRN, FNP-C
Improving Patient-Centered Diabetes Care in a Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic: A QI Project

Gonzaga University, USA (Delta Chi at-Large Chapter)
Carey Phelan, DNP, FNP-BC
Implementation and Evaluation of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in the Outpatient Setting

Graceland University, USA (Pi Eta Chapter)
Alisha Engel, DNP, RN
Using Lavender to Reduce Pre-Procedure Anxiety

Indiana University, USA (Alpha Chapter)
Katie Ruth Busby, MSN, RN, CNE, RNC-OB
Transition of Novice Nurse Faculty Into the Academic Setting: A Qualitative Phenomenological Pilot Study

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, USA (Epsilon Nu Chapter)
Jason A. Green, BSN
Identifying Veterans in Non-VA Settings: Improving Mental Healthcare Delivery to Veterans

Paula A. Kensler, DNP, MBA, RN; Todd Tartvoulle, DNS, APRN, CNS-BC; and Jennifer B. Martin, DNP, MN, CRNA, APRN
Insights the Emergenetics Profile Provides to Leadership Development in a Hospital Setting: A Pilot Study

MacEwan University, Canada (Chi Nu Chapter)
Terra Sylvia Jane Hodgins, SN
Childhood Obesity: A Review of Risk Factors, Effects, and What We Can Do About It

Zoha Adnan Iqbal, SN
How Does the Role of Corporate Values and Obligation to Care Influence Moral Habitability?

Midwestern State University, USA (Xi Iota Chapter)
Stephanie Alison Lindsay, SN
Empowering Patients to Reduce Lumbar Puncture Associated Spinal Headaches

Murray State University, USA (Delta Epsilon Chapter)
Victoria Smith, SN
Childhood Adversity That Impacts Coping and Stress in Adulthood

Northeastern University, USA (Gamma Epsilon Chapter)
Siobon Barrett, BSN; and Rachel Jones, PhD
Associations of Condomless Sex With Dyadic and Social Mutuality Among Black Women in Heterosexual Relationship

Kathleen Anne Evangelista, MS, CRNA, NEA-BC
An Educational Intervention to Increase Provider Knowledge in the Delivery of Trauma-Informed Care

Northern Kentucky University, USA (Rho Theta Chapter)
Monica Elaine Meier, MSN
Revision of Standard Operating Procedures for a Hospital-Based Infectious Disease Response Team

Rachel F. Wilson, MSN
Nurse Leader Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Impact on Staff Satisfaction, Patient Satisfaction, and Turnover

Nova Southeastern University, USA (Upsilon Chi Chapter)
Angela Cristina Gaud, MSN
Non-Academic Factors and Outcomes on the NCLEX® for RNs Among Non-Traditional Learners

Emilse Sanchez, SN; and Linda McCash, PhD, APRN-BC
Do Women Have a Choice? Nurse’s Role in Decision Making Regarding Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

The Ohio State University, USA (Epsilon Chapter)
Michelle K. Spehr, MSN, RN, CPNP; Randee Masciola, DNP, RN, CNP; Rosie Zeno, DNP, RN, CPNP; Barbara Warren, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FNAP, FAAN; and Pamela Lusk, DNP, RN, FAANP
Social-Emotional Screening Protocol Implementation: A Trauma-Informed Response for Young Children in Child Welfare

Kelly C. Tomlinson, MSN, RN; David P. Hrabe, PhD, RN; Joyce Zurmehly, PhD, DNP, RN, NEA-BC; and Barbara Warren, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FNAP, FAAN
Using Appreciative Inquiry to Decrease Incivility and Promote a Healthy Work Environment: A Literature Review

Jennifer L. Weiner, MS, CPNP-AC/PC; Kristine K. Browning, PhD, APRN-CNP, FAANP; Susan E. Thrane, PhD, RN; and Rosie Zeno, DNP, RN, CPNP
Non-pharmacologic Pain Management for Pediatric Lower Extremity Trauma: Decreasing Opioid Use and Length of Stay

Pfeiffer University, USA
Kristina D. Everhart, SN; Martha Hains Bramlett, PhD, MSN, BSN, RN; and Dana R. Martin, DNP, RN
Effect of Orange Aromatherapy on Anxiety of Students, Faculty, and Staff in an Academic Setting

Jeremiah Nance, SN; and Slavko Komaryntsky, PhD, MS, BS
Brassica Glucosinolates Improve Metabolism Efficiency of Drosophila Melanogaster by Promoting Efficient Mitochondrial Respiration

Regis University, USA (Alpha Kappa at-Large Chapter)
Tyler Elias Doumaney, BS (Biology); and Eleanor Anne Pringle, BS (Public Health)
Predictive Factors in Postpartum Depression: Developing a Tool to Aid Nurses in a Preventative Role

Bella Rea Williams, SN
Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Feeding Tube Insertion and Placement Confirmation

Rivier University, USA (Epsilon Tau at-Large Chapter)
Tracy Darlene Hardy, MS, APRN
Firefighter Occupational Cancer Risk: Starting the Conversation

Stephen Karuga, FNP
Correlation Between Caregiver Social Support and Caregiver Strain in Caring for the Elderly With Dementia

Rush University, USA (Gamma Phi Chapter)
Hannah L. Pop, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN; Karen V. Lamb, DNP, RNDrc; Sarah Livesay, DNP, RN, ACNP-BC, ACNS-BC; Patricia Altman, MSN, RN, CEN; MaryElizabeth Nora, MSN, RN, CNL; and Andrea Sanchez, BSN, RN
Fall Reduction in the Emergency Department Using a Fall Prevention Bundle

Katherine Cushing Rosemeyer, MSN; Caitlin Fehrenbacher, RN-BC; and Susan Breitenstein, PhD, RN, FAAN
Development of an Implementation Toolkit to Integrate the ezParent Program™ into Pediatric Primary Care

Salve Regina University, USA (Delta Upsilon at-Large Chapter)
Julia Rose Calianos, SN; and Sharon L. Stager, DNP, FNP-BC
Adolescent Opioid Abuse in the Midst of an Epidemic: A Nursing Perspective

Sam Houston State University, USA
Jordin Rex, SN
Clostridium Difficile Specimen Selection Checklist

Jennifer Rowland, SN; Danita Batiste, BSN, RN, CNOR; and Mona Cockerham, PhD, RN, CPHQ
Improving Operating Room First Case On-Time Starts Using the Epic© Snapboard Shared Calendar System

Samuel Merritt University, USA (Nu Xi at-Large Chapter)
Alexandra L. Smallwood, SN; and Nancy Smee, PhD, PHN, CNM
Reproductive Hormone Dysfunction in Women With Substance Abuse Disorders

State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota, USA
Kenna M. Allison, ASN
Reducing Perioperative Injury During Positioning of the Surgical Patient

Reagan V. Bock, ASN
Hand Hygiene Compliance and Glove Use 

SUNY Downstate Medical Center, USA (Psi Tau Chapter) 
Malena Susan Abby Bonaparte, BS, RN; Barbara Kitchener, PhD; and Shirley Girouard, PhD, RN, FAAN
Maternal Outcomes and Implicit Bias: A Proposed Study of the Lived Experiences of Black Women

Sherene M. McIntyre-Wise, FNP, SCRN, RN; and Shirley A. Girouard, PhD, RN, FAAN
Stroke Center and Academic Nursing Collaboration to Improve Patient Outcomes: A Proposed Evidence-Based Educational Program

Agatha Muire, BA; Michele Solloway, PhD, MPA; Suzanne Carr, PhD, RN; and Shirley Girouard, PhD, RN, FAAN
Building an Evidence-Based Model to Integrate ACEs in Baccalaureate Nursing Education: A Proposed Literature Review

Texas A&M University-College Station, USA (Phi Iota Chapter)
Sarah Ashley Interrante, SN; Sharon Dormire, PhD; Vidya Sridhar, MD; and Gang Han, PhD
Vasomotor and Personal Characteristics Associated With Changes in Brain Glucose Metabolism in Menopause

Rachel Victoria Johnstone, SN; Sharon Dormire, PhD; Brandon Schmeichel, PhD; and Gang Han, PhD
The Efficacy of Cognitive Stress Dose and Difficulty on Induction of Hot Flashes

Lindsey M. Moyer, MPH, SN; Nancy R. Downing, PhD, RN, SANE-A; Katherine R. Scafide, PhD, RN; and Daniel Sheridan, PhD, RN, FNE, SANE-A, FAAN
Let There Be Light! Using Alternate Light Sources to Detect and Improve Cutaneous Bruise Visibility

Texas A&M University-Commerce, USA (Iota Nu at-Large Chapter) 
Mundi L. Gutierrez, BSN, RN, CNOR
Providing Culturally Competent Healthcare to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Population

Jenna R. Wallace, SN; and Barbara Tucker, PhD
Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Experiences With Horizontal Violence

Troy University, USA (Iota Theta Chapter)
Brandy L. Simpler, DNP
An Interdisciplinary Intervention Designed to Impact Healthcare Worker Confidence in Emergent Situations

The University of Alabama-Huntsville, USA (Beta Phi Chapter)
Janki R. Patel, SN; and Louise C. O'Keefe, PhD, CRNP-BC
Perceptions of Cardiovascular Stress Management in University Employees

Lawren Murray Tachias, BSN; and Rita W. Ferguson, PhD, RN, MSN, CHPN, CNE
Analyzing Self-Care Initiative of Nursing Students

Sarah Michelle Willis, BSN; and Ann L. Bianchi, PhD, RN
Increasing Knowledge and Awareness About Dating Violence Among College Students Through a Smartphone Application

University of California-Los Angeles, USA (Gamma Tau at-Large Chapter)
Constance V. Coelho, SN; Lukas Scott Smith, BS (Kinesiology); Robin M. Mertens, BS; Dahriel M. Aron, SN; Mitchell Stern, BA; Hailey Marie Leach Marquez, SN; Geng-Wei Lee, SN; Barbara Bates-Jensen, PhD, RN, FAAN; and Diana N. O'Toole, SN
Stairwell: Increasing Activity Among Nursing Students and Faculty

Anne F. Gelber, MSN
Expression of Breast Milk in the Workplace: An Analysis Among Nurses, Managers, and Hospital Representatives

University of Michigan, USA (Rho Chapter)
Amanda L. Missel, MS, RN; Laura R. Saslow, PhD; Dina H. Griauzde, MD, MSc; Caroline Richardson, MD; and Xuefeng Liu, PhD
Association Between Fasting Insulin and High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Among Adults: NHANES 2005-2010

University of Michigan-Flint, USA (Pi Delta Chapter)
Tiffany Flatt, RN; and Beverly W. Dabney, PhD, RN
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Workplace Burnout: A Literature Review

University of Mississippi Medical Center, USA (Theta Beta Chapter)
Katie C. Hall, MSN, RN; and Jennifer C. Robinson, PhD, RN, CNE, FAHA
Association of Environmental Air Quality and Congenital Heart Defect Diagnosis

Katherine L. Rigdon, MSN, RN
Relationships Among Self-Care, Compassion Satisfaction, and Compassion Fatigue of Nurses in Community Hospitals

Lisa Slade, MSN, FNP-BC
Diabetes Guideline Implementation in Community Health Centers: A Practice Improvement Project

University of North Carolina-Greensboro, USA (Gamma Zeta Chapter)
Dre╩╣Quan Lee, SN
Application of Mezirow’s Transformative Learning Theory to Simulation in Nursing Education

Misty Stone, MSN, RN
Hospital Staff Nurses' Experiences With Having had a Sentinel Event

Lee Crowley Yarber, BSN
Adolescents and Social Media Safety: A Guide for Nurse Practitioners

University of Pittsburgh, USA (Eta Chapter)
Abbey J. Horner, BSN; and Cynthia A. Danford, PhD, CRNP, PPCNP-BC, CPNP-PC
Social Media for Health: Utilizing Instagram to Improve Eating Habits of Overweight and Obese Adolescents

Stephanie Ann Lesosky, BSN, RN
Transition Program for Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes

Khadejah F. Mahmoud, MSN; Susan M. Sereika, PhD, MPH; Deborah S. Finnell, DNS, RN, FAAN; Karen M. Schmitt, BSN; Janet A. Cipkala-Gaffin, DrPh; Dawn Lindsay, PhD; Kathryn Puskar, DrPH, MN, FAAN; and Ann M. Mitchell, PhD, MS, BS, RN, FAAN
Nurses Willingness to Care for Patients With Opioid-Use Problems: Exploring Background, Personal, and Professional Predictors

University of South Carolina, USA (Alpha Xi Chapter)
Lisa A. Webb, MSN; Karen Kane McDonnell, PhD, MSN, RN, OCN; Swann Arp Adams, PhD; Rachel E. Davis, PhD; Sara B. Donevant, PhD, RN, Alumnus CCRN and Tisha Felder, PhD, MSW
Lung Cancer Stigma Among African American Survivors of Lung Cancer in South Carolina

University of South Carolina-Beaufort, USA
Kara St. Laurent, SN
The Negative Effects of Social Media on Adolescent Development and Mental Health

Cetina Dominique Elise Tolbert, SN; and Ireanna Ber'Schirra Morrall, SN
Best Practices: The Nurse’s Role in CLABSI Prevention and Surveillance

University of South Florida, USA (Delta Beta at-Large Chapter)
Dany A. Fanfan, PhD, MSN, RN
Migration-Related Stress and Depression Among First Generation Haitian Immigrants in Florida

Laura Caterine Paloumpis, SN; and Constance Visovsky, PhD
Undergraduate Global Community-Based Research in Panama

Savina V. Venkova-Gonzalez, MSN; and Catherine G. Ling, PhD, FNP-BC, FAANP
Bridging the Skill Set Gap of Emergency Department Nurse Practitioners

University of Southern Mississippi, USA (Gamma Lambda Chapter)
Elise Jordan Juergens, PhD
Self-Care vs. Self-Sacrifice in Medical-Surgical Nursing Culture: A Critical Ethnography

Kathryn Jeter McKelvy, PhD
Nurse Expectations as Compared to Perceived Reality

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, USA (Zeta Alpha Chapter)
Elizabeth LeeAnn Jackson, SN
Comparative Differences in Registered Nurses' Fear of Failure, Confidence, and Work Environment

Amy Jo Perry, BSN
The Role of Safety Coaches in a Culture of Safety

The University of Texas-Tyler, USA (Iota Nu at-Large Chapter)
Emily Brooks, MN, RN-BC
Early Extubation After Cardiac Surgery: An Evidence-Based, Nurse-Driven Protocol

Gentry DaNae Shelton, SN; Barbara K. Haas, PhD, RN; and Yong T. Wang, PhD, FACSM
Exercise-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis of Gender Differences

University of Virginia, USA (Beta Kappa Chapter)
Meghan M. Bradshaw, SN; Regina M. DeGennaro, DNP, RN, CNS, AOCN, CNL; Bethany M. Coyne, PhD, APRN, PNP-BC; and Susanna Williams, PhD
Wisdom in Nursing: Assessing the Effectiveness of Teaching Wisdom to Nursing Students

University of West Florida, USA (Upsilon Kappa Chapter)
Samay Ersoff, SN
Impact of Music in the Operating Room: EBP

Cheyanne Franklin, SN
How has Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor Reduced Postpartum Hemorrhage Occurrence?

Eva E. Grumbir, HCA
Preventing Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, USA (Eta Pi Chapter)
Amy L. St. Laurent, MSN, RN
Building a Person-Centered Care Practice With the Geriatric Population and Caregivers

Valparaiso University, USA (Zeta Epsilon Chapter)
Lindsay J. Humpfer, BSN, RN
The Effects of Implementing a Smartphone Application to Improve Asthma Self-Management in Adults

Alesha E. McClanahan, BSN, RN
Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Protocol on Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Villanova University, USA (Alpha Nu Chapter)
Monica J. Harmon, MSN, MPH, RN; Barbara L. Joyce, PhD, RN, CNS, ANEF; and Lisa A. Campbell, DNP, RN, PHNA-BC
Development, Dissemination, and Adoption of the Revised Quad Council Coalition Competencies for Community/Public Health Nursing

Megan T. Moyer, MSN, ACNP-BC, CNRN
Early Patient Mobilization in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit

Patrick J. Treacy, SN
State Legislation as a Protective Factor in Adolescent Suicide Rates

Western Governors University, USA (Psi Upsilon Chapter)
Colleen Clancy, BSN
Engaging Teamwork and Technology Strategies to Improve Patient and Staff Safety

Cindy K. Delaughter, ASN
Innovative Response to the Opioid Crisis

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