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Am I not enough?

A Sigma Member Story

We all have moments of feeling helpless, but Sigma member Simon Paul P. Navarro, BSN, RN, believes being present is something to be proud of.

Chart your own journey

By Catherine Godinez, and , and |

Life may not go the way we initially envisioned it, but in the end, if we are able to adapt to life with its many challenges and stages, it will be worth it.

Give yourself the kind of care you give others

Excerpts from Self-Care for New and Student Nurses, and , and |

Self-care is self-preservation. Contributing authors to Sigma new book share how they are showing up for themselves so they can support others.

The power of little things

By Kevin Kirksey, and , and |

During my journey from near-death to what I call Life 2.0, I know I owe my nurses for my new life, built on their example and demonstration that little things can indeed create significant outcomes. This is my thank you.

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