Creating Healthy Work Environments 2024
Creating Healthy Work Environments
Creating Healthy Work Environments

Volunteer Information

We are excited to announce that we are recruiting for the following volunteer opportunity.

CHWE In-Person Moderator

Responsibilities for this opening include the following:

  • View a brief moderator tutorial video prior to scheduled moderating session.
  • Arrive in the session room at least 10 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Review required information with presenters.
  • Introduce the presenters and designated portion on the moderator report form before the presentation begins.
  • Monitor the room.
  • Facilitate the question-and-answer dialogue between the audience and presenters.
  • Complete a short electronic moderator report form for feedback and evaluation of the session, using a smart device (i.e., phone, tablet, or laptop).
  • Obtain the signatures electronically of each presenter who was present at the session.
  • Moderators must be a paid registered event attendee to volunteer.

Individuals selected to volunteer will be limited to three (3) sessions to moderate.

No special accommodations, discounts, or considerations regarding registration fees, travel expenses, or lodging is available for moderators.

Certificates for moderating will be available for download after the event.

This opportunity is open until 15 February 2024. Sigma members, you may apply for this opportunity online on The Circle, with your email address and password. If you are not a Sigma member, please contact Janell Jackson at

Contact Janell Jackson at if you have any questions or trouble viewing any of the volunteer opportunities.