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February 2023

Dear Sigma Members, 

The board of directors met in-person on Wednesday and Thursday, 8-9 February 2023. Following are the outcomes and announcements from that meeting.

Fiduciary Responsibilities
The board reviewed and approved the FY 22 30 November 2022 statements for Sigma Theta Tau International. Statements for the three subsidiaries (Foundation for Nursing, Building Corporation, Sigma Marketplace) have been reviewed and approved by their respective boards.

Sigma Presence on Social Media
The board viewed and discussed an overview of Sigma’s presence on social media presented by J. Adams, Director of Marketing & Communications. The presentation focused on the platforms used, how and why those platforms are used, the results received and the continuous monitoring by staff.

Workgroup for Sigma’s Stance for Political and Social Issues
A board workgroup presented a summary of their discussion with recommendations.

United Nations Activities
The board received an overview of Sigma’s UN activities. It focused on the team objectives and summarized the outcomes: webinars, publications, presence at in-person and virtual Sigma events, and in-person UN events by liaisons and youth representatives.

Various other aspects of programming were discussed.

Respectfully submitted,

Kenneth W. Dion, PhD, MSN, MBA, RN, FAAN
2021-2023 President 

Nancy Rollins Gantz, PhD, MSN, MBA, RN
2021-2023 Secretary