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February 2021

Dear Sigma Members,

The board of directors met virtually on Monday and Tuesday, 22-23 February 2021. Following are the outcomes and announcements from that meeting. 

Fiduciary Responsibilities 
The board reviewed the 31 December 2020 Financial Statements (FY 2021) of corporate, Sigma Theta Tau International, Foundation for Nursing, the Building Corporation and Sigma Marketplace.  
Global Regional Councils & Global Influencers Group 
The board received an update on the progress and work of the Global Regional Councils and the Global Influencers Group. 
Global Values Statement
The board appointed a task force charged to review the global values statement and make recommendations on updates to content.  In addition, the board had a discussion on social justice and health equity and how they align with Sigma’s global values and strategic plan.

Mentoring Program
An overview of Sigma’s mentoring efforts including the career center and other academies and programs that incorporate mentoring was presented to the board.

Inductions and Retentions
A status report regarding inductions and strategies, including second chance inductions, renewals and auto-renewal option was given.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Ricciardi, PhD, CRNP, FAANP, FAAN
2019-2021 President 

Safiya George Dalmida, PhD, APRN-BC, FAANP 
2019-2021 Secretary