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April 2019

Dear Sigma Members,

The board of directors met on Wednesday, 24 April 2019 February 2019, via conference call. Following are the outcomes and announcements from that meeting.

Strategic Planning
The board continued to refine the society’s next strategic plan and goals. New/updated strategic goals were finalized and approved.

Sigma Theta Tau International Investment Policy
The board approved an updated investment policy provided by the society’s financial advisors and thoroughly vetted by the Corporate Audit and Accountability Committee.

Comprehensive IT Assessment
The board has hired an IT consultant to assess the society’s IT infrastructure. The consultant’s initial impressions will be presented to the board at their June 2019 meeting.

Salary Compensation Study
Dr. Madigan reported on an external salary compensation study for Sigma’s 92 employees. The process was shared with the Board along with the changes to be made based on the external firm’s recommendation.

Scholarship at Sigma—Where do we go from here?
A summary report authored by Dr. Liz Madigan was presented to the board. It highlighted the ways in which Sigma manifests its presence in scholarship in the global nursing community and identified potential opportunities for growth and expansion.
Respectfully submitted,

Beth Baldwin Tigges, PhD, RN, PNP, BC
2017-2019 President

Safiya George Dalmida, PhD, APRN-BC
2017-2019 Secretary