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February 2020

Dear Sigma Members,

The board of directors met on Thursday through Friday, 20-21 February 2020, in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the society’s headquarters. Following are the outcomes and announcements from that meeting.

New Board Member Orientation

New board members met with the President, Chief Executive Officer and designated Staff Directors for a half day orientation at Sigma’s headquarters. The orientation was designed to provide context and an informed understanding about board member roles and responsibilities, the relationship of the board with the CEO, staff liaison roles, Constituent Services, Financial Services and Marketing and Communication.

Board Development
To strengthen board knowledge and implement a culture of continuously learning, the board met with a consultant in a half day session.

2019-2021 Committees, Advisory Councils and Task Forces

Along with the three standing committees, the President has appointed two advisory councils and two task forces. All chairs have received orientation, either face to face or virtually. Each group was given expected outcomes for the biennium.

  • Governance Committee – Jennifer Saylor, Chair
  • Leadership Succession Committee – Gwen Sherwood, Chair
  • Regional Chapters Coordinating Committee – Carole Liske, Chair
  • Research & Scholarship Advisory Council – Mustafa Bodrick, Chair
  • Resolutions Advisory Council – Safiya George Dalmida, Chair
  • Conference Planning Task Force - Patricia Sharpnack, Chair
  • Governance Task Force – Carol Huston, Chair

Fiduciary Responsibilities

The board reviewed the FY20 31 December 2019 financial statements. Those documents represented the corporate summary, Sigma Theta Tau International, Nursing Foundation, Building Corporation and the Sigma Marketplace.

Bylaws Amendments Approved by the 2019 House of Delegates

The board ratified:

  • The amendments to the international bylaws approved by the 2019 House of Delegates and the corresponding chapter bylaws changes
  • The corresponding chapter bylaws changes imposed by the amendments to the international bylaws approved by the 2019 House of Delegates

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Ricciardi, PhD, CRNP, FAANP, FAAN
2019-2021 President 

Safiya George Dalmida, PhD, APRN-BC
2019-2021 Secretary