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Sigma publishes a variety of career, scholarly, and inspirational books written by nurses for nurses. Several Sigma books published in 2019 were recipients of four AJN Book of the Year awards, including three first-place winners. Sigma books are available for purchase from Sigma Marketplace and at bookstores everywhere.



Journal of Nursing Scholarship

Sigma's scholarly research journal is one of the most widely read and respected healthcare journals internationally. Ranked 4th among 123 nursing journals with a 2019 impact factor of 2.655. Free access is available for all Sigma members via this website or our mobile apps.

Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing

A peer-reviewed, evidence-based nursing journal and primary source of information to improve patient care. Ranked 22nd among 123 nursing journals with a 2018 impact factor of 1.991. Free access is available for all Sigma members via this website or our mobile apps.

Online Magazine

Reflections on Nursing Leadership

Reflections on Nursing Leadership

Sigma’s online magazine includes timely articles about members who make important contributions toward improving world health.