Rugira Regis Marie Modeste 
Research study

Researching the impact of the pandemic on nursing students to effect change

COVID-19 came as a surprise and disrupted the lives of people globally. Rugira Regis Marie Modeste, PhD, RN, NE, RM, noticed the impact on nursing students who needed to complete their training as healthcare workers. Thanks to donors, she received a small research grant to study the impact on students who were learning in environments where COVID-19 patients were being treated. Read more »

Research grant

Empowering nurses to transform healthcare

Because of generous donors to the research permanent fund, the Sigma Foundation for Nursing is funding 16 research studies in four global regions. Primary investigators of four studies joined us virtually in April to discuss their projects. Your generosity as a Sigma Foundation for Nursing donor continues to empower nurse researchers around the world. Watch the video here »  

Recipient story

A community of leaders

Jessica Norton received an Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy this past year and joined the Beta Psi Chapter. She took some time to answer a few questions about her nursing and Sigma journey so far. Read more »