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2019-2020 Small Research Grants Awarded

The 2019-2020 Small Research Grant recipients have been selected. Nurses will receive funding in June 2020 for studies that improve patient care. These grants are awarded annually thanks to donations designated for research. Learn more »

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Recipient story

Bridging the gap in the internationalization of nursing education

Sigma nurse Faith Nawagi is promoting collaboration among organizations, nursing training institutions, and hospitals from different countries and regions to ensure knowledge and skill-sharing as a conduit for quality nursing education. Read more »

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Recipient story

 Small research grant recipient tells her story

Growing up in the 1970s, Sharon Latimer often accompanied her mother, a nurse, at work on the weekends. “During these visits, I loved speaking to patients and hearing about their life. I was also amazed by the important care nurses delivered to patients. This experience made me realize I wanted to help people when they were unwell and at their most vulnerable.” Read more »