Kisha Thompson
Research grant

Empowering nurses to transform healthcare

Motivated by the premature death of four cousins, Kisha Thompson, MS, CRNA, wants to help people lead healthier, more resilient lifestyles. Thanks to donors, she received a Sigma small research grant to pursue a study on this topic. Watch Kisha to learn more about her research »

Eliza Tello
Recipient story

Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy recipient sees nursing as a journey

Eliza Tello's journey to becoming a nurse began when her dad was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 2014. His death that November further propelled her to pursue a nursing career. Thanks to the subsidy she received, Sigma will be a part of her nursing journey. Read more »

Beth Desaretz Chiatti
Recipient story

Connecting nurses everywhere

Beth Desaretz Chiatti is an advocate for nursing as an educator, mentor, researcher, and dedicated Sigma volunteer. We were honored to help connect her and Global Leadership Mentorship Committee mentee Salima Farooq from the Aga Khan University of Nursing in Karachi, Pakistan. Read more »