Introducing a new tool for leadership development: The Global Nursing Leadership Competency Framework

INDIANAPOLIS — Sigma Nursing, with support from The Johnson & Johnson Foundation, is proud to announce a new tool designed to help nurses understand their leadership strengths and weaknesses to assess specific areas that need growth.  


The Global Nursing Leadership Competency Framework establishes a guide for nurses seeking to self-evaluate their leadership. Clinical employers may use this framework to establish professional development opportunities based on the leadership competencies that need growth. The framework can also serve as a valuable tool for educators to assess their students’ needs for development and build coursework to better meet these needs.  

Through a collaboration of nurse leaders from around the world, 10 key leadership competencies were developed. In the framework, each competency is leveled with performance indicators for nurses who identify at the novice, competent, expert, and luminary levels.  

 View framework dissemination.  



What knowledge, skills, and abilities do nurses need for leadership at each stage in their career? Learn more about the framework’s development and purpose and access the full framework here.

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