Clinical Healthy Work Environment Award


The Clinical Healthy Work Environment Award recognizes and honors a clinical facility that demonstrates commitment to a healthy work environment, including physical and psychosocial factors, involvement in the community, and/or personal health resources to promote health in the work environment, and promoting excellence in healthcare outcomes. 


A program, project, or intervention implemented at the unit, department, or system level within any health system or clinical facility is eligible. One-time projects, programs, or interventions implemented by a single individual or research project would not be appropriate without a viable sustainability plan. Sigma membership is not required to apply. 

Current Sigma Board of Directors, Sigma elected international committee members, Sigma staff, Sigma consultants and contracted staff, and members of the judging committee are not eligible to receive this award, serve as nominators, or write letters of support. Members of appointed committees may participate in the award process. Past recipients are not eligible to receive the award.

Award Cycle

Nominations are open! Submit your nomination here.

The Healthy Work Environment Awards will be presented at the Creating Healthy Work Environments conference. Visit the Creating Healthy Work Environments website to learn more about this conference.

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