Mastering Precepting, 2E
 Print ISBN-13:   9781948057332 
 PDF ISBN-13:  9781948057356
 EPUB ISBN-13:  9781948057349
 Mobi ISBN-13:  9781948057362

This second edition of Mastering Simulation: A Handbook for Success is a comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals working in or planning to work in simulation. Readers will gain a solid foundation for improving patient outcomes, whether in an academic setting or a healthcare institution.

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The Development Plans include:

  • Ch 1: Foundations of Simulation
  • Ch 2: Developing Clinical Competence and Confidence
  • Ch 3: Creating an Effective Simulation Environment
  • Ch 4: Creating Effective, Evidence-Based Scenarios
  • Ch 5: Key Concepts in Simulation: Debriefing and Reflective Practice
  • Ch 6: Evaluating Simulation Effectiveness
  • Ch 7: Simulation as a Continuous Learning System
  • Ch 8: Using Simulation With Specific Learner Populations
  • Ch 9: Using Simulation With Specific Learner Populations
  • Ch 10: Using Simulation in Academic Environments to Improve Learner Performance
  • Ch 11: Using Simulation in Hospitals and Healthcare Systems to Improve Outcomes
  • Ch 12: Using Simulation for Risk Management and Quality Improvement
  • Ch 13: Using Simulation for Research
  • Ch 14: Defining Roles and Building A Career in Simulation
  • Ch 15: Credentialing and Certification in Simulation
  • Ch 16: Designing Simulation Centers for Health Education
  • Ch 17: The Future of Simulation in Healthcare