Mastering Simulation 2E
ISBN: 9781948057332
PDF ISBN: 9781948057356
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Simulation is an essential tool in academic and clinical settings, but technology changes quickly, and faculty, students, and clinicians need to know how to respond. Understanding simulation scenarios and environments is critical when designing and implementing effective programs for interdisciplinary learners.

In this fully revised second edition of Mastering Simulation, nationally known experts Janice Palaganas, Beth Ulrich, and Beth Mancini guide students and practitioners in developing clinical competencies and provide a solid foundation for improving patient outcomes.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter 1: Foundations of Simulation (PDF - Adobe Reader required to read)

Table of Contents

Ch 1      Foundations of Simulation
Ch 2 Developing Clinical Competence and Confidence
Ch 3 Creating an Effective Simulation Environment
Ch 4 Creating Effective, Evidence-Based Scenarios
Ch 5 Key Concepts in Simulation: Debriefing and Reflective Practice
Ch 6 Evaluating Simulation Effectiveness
Ch 7 Simulation as a Continuous Learning System
Ch 8 Using Simulation With Specific Learner Populations
Ch 9
Using Simulation for Interprofessional Education and Practice
Ch 10 Using Simulation in Academic Environments to Improve Learner Performance
Ch 11 Using Simulation in Hospitals and Healthcare Systems to Improve Outcomes
Ch 12 Using Simulation for Risk Management and Quality Improvement
Ch 13  Using Simulation for Research
Ch 14  Defining Roles and Building A Career in Simulation 
Ch 15  Credentialing and Certification in Simulation 
Ch 16  Designing Simulation Centers for Health Education 
Ch 17  The Future of Simulation in Healthcare