Mastering Precepting, 2E
Print ISBN-13:  9781945157868 
 PDF ISBN-13: 9781945157882
 EPUB ISBN-13: 9781945157875
 Mobi ISBN-13: 9781945157899

Written for staff nurses and their managers, this second edition of Mastering Precepting: A Nurse’s Handbook for Success instructs preceptors how to teach and empowers them to seek the support they need to be effective. For managers, it emphasizes the importance of providing nurse preceptors with positive and supportive experiences. 

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Downloads and Extras

Chapter 4: Core Precepting Concepts (PDF - Adobe Reader required to read)

Development Plans by Chapter (zip file - Microsoft Word required to view/edit files)

The Development Plans include:
  • Ch 1: Preceptor Roles
  • Ch 2: Learning
  • Ch 3a: Clarification
  • Ch 3b:Precepting Strategies
  • Ch 4a: Core Precepting Concepts
  • Ch 4b: Preceptee Role Competencies
  • Ch 5a: Having a Plan 1
  • Ch 5b: Having a Plan 2
  • Ch 6: Communication
  • Ch 7: Coaching
  • Ch 8: Effectively Using Instructional Technologies
  • Ch 9: Working with Specific Learner Populations
  • Ch 10: Precepting APRNs
  • Ch 11: Assessing and Addressing Preceptee Behavior Motivation
  • Ch 12: Pragmatics of Precepting
  • Ch 13: Self-Care
  • Ch 14: Selecting, Supporting, and Sustaining Preceptors
  • Ch 15: Panning and Implementing a Preceptor Program