At the Sigma, we enjoy working with our authors at each step of the process, and the proposal process is no different.

Whether you’re a first timer or experienced pro, you’ll find the proposal process enlightening. Crystalizing your concept into an outline and conceiving who will buy it is an important step. Additionally, you’ll find much of this work will be used throughout the entire project.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals should be submitted electronically. Use this form to submit your proposal. Be prepared to include a description, course objectives, and a general outline.

Next Steps

After submission. The education manager and others will review your proposal for content, approach, marketability, and whether or not it fits with Sigma’s overall continuing nursing education online products. The education manager may ask you for additional information or to revise a portion of the proposal or outline.

Behind the scenes. After you submit your proposal, please be patient. A number of things are happening at Sigma. The education manager is researching the market and sales opportunities for your NCPD online course. Based on this information, the education manager may or may not decide to proceed with your idea. If not, the education manager will let you know.

If the education manager chooses to proceed, he/she will prepare a business plan for the NCPD online course. This is an internal document based in part on your proposal. The education manager will also prepare financial documents as well as preliminary sales documents.

Next, the education manager schedules an internal product approval meeting with several additional stakeholders at Sigma, in essence, a publishing board. After this meeting, the education manager may ask for additional changes and/or information. However, if your NCPD online course is approved at this meeting, the education manager may then offer you contract terms for your NCPD product. Be aware, this entire process can take between 6 and 10 weeks.

Once approved, the course development process from course author agreement to publishing the course online takes 4-5 months. The first 2-3 months is devoted to content preparation by the course author, depending on the scope and complexity of the topic. During the second two months, the Sigma design team prepares the material for the online course format, and interact with the author to ensure that the content is articulated in an engaged and accurate format, since the course content often will be arranged differently than your original material. Congratulations! You’re going to be an author!

Please note: If this is an unsolicited proposal, Sigma may have received other proposals on the same topic, idea or concept. They may also already have published, approved, or are producing a NCPD course on the same topic, idea, or concept. If your unsolicited proposal is rejected, Sigma still reserves the right to publish on the same topic with another author. They won't, however, use any of your material, samples, or outline.