United Nations Representatives

In July 2012, the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) granted Special consultative status to Sigma, which refers to expertise in the field of nursing and global health.  This UN designation recognizes Sigma’s commitment to the charter of the United Nations (UN), which seeks to achieve international cooperation toward solving humanitarian issues. 

Sigma's Special consultative status refers to competence in the field of nursing, which extends to global health. This status allows Sigma greater privileges, access to nearly all intergovernmental processes at the UN dealing with economic and social development - including health and gender issues, sustainable development and human rights – and allows Sigma to participate on UN committees and to have a “voice” at the UN.

Through this affiliation, Sigma commits to disseminate information and raise public awareness about the purposes and activities of the UN and related issues of global concern.  Sigma will provide a strong nursing presence at the UN and will continue to conduct outreach around the world to help our nurse members better understand the work and aims of the UN, including the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A Sigma UN liaison and youth representative represents Sigma to the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) and the NGO community.  This position promotes leadership to enhance Sigma member engagement by attending and/or participating in various UN events/programs/activities with the purpose of gathering information to inform and advise the Sigma Global Initiatives department, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling Sigma’s mission.  

Meet our UN Representatives

Connie Sobon Sensor, Liaison

Sobon Sensor, Connie - photo

Dr. Connie Sobon Sensor, PhD, RN, CTN-A, believes in the power of nursing to improve the health of the world’s people. She has been certified as an Advanced-level Transcultural Nurse (CTN-A) since 2003, and is a recognized expert in the power of culturally responsive nursing to meet the challenges of a global society, focusing on cultural health beliefs and practices, cultural etiquette, and strategies to gain acceptance into ethnic communities. She has published and presented widely on culturally competent health care, leadership, and global health initiatives, including the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Her current research explores the health-related cultural beliefs, practices and experiences of a migrant Dominican population living in the United States. In hopes of eliminating health and healthcare disparities for the Dominican population in her study, Dr. Sobon Sensor is working with a local hospital community task force to include the findings from her research in developing the hospital’s Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan. Her past research includes exploring the relationship between suburban adolescents’ attitudes toward violence, personal exposure to violence, television viewing of violence, and ethnicity.  

Dr. Sobon Sensor has leadership experience at all levels of Sigma. Dr. Sobon Sensor served as Secretary, Sigma Board of Directors, during the 2011-2013 Biennium. She was appointed to the United Nations Task Force for the 2009-2011 Biennium, and served as the Board liaison to the UN & Global Health Advisory Council. Currently, Dr. Sobon Sensor has been appointed to the role of liaison/representative for Sigma to the United Nations, where Sigma is an affiliated non-government organization (NGO) with special consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. In this capacity, Sigma is positioned to influence global health policy and decision-making on behalf of nursing. In March 2016, Dr. Sobon Sensor is presenting on behalf of Sigma during the 60th Conference of the Commission on the Status of Women hosted by the UN in New York City. The presentation is entitled “Empowering Women through Leadership Development.” Regionally, Dr. Sobon Sensor was elected for two terms (2007-2011) as North America Region 14 Coordinator (NY and NJ), where she had a leadership role in promoting the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) by facilitating membership learning experiences and membership presence at programs at the UN. She served for seven years as Coordinator of the NJ Consortium of STTI Chapters, promoting collaborative programming among chapters. She facilitated development of an ongoing regional Service Leadership Project to set up health clinics in rural areas of the Dominican Republic in collaboration with Sigma chapters and the Foundation for Peace. Since 2007, this project has supported more than 40 trips to the DR, with participation of more than 400 nurses, who have served over 50,000 people in need of professional health care. At the chapter level, she was President and Treasurer of the Key-Award winning Kappa Eta chapter at New Jersey City University, and has held many committee positions.

Dr. Sobon Sensor has been an active member of professional nursing communities. She served as President and Member-at-Large for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Transcultural Nursing Society. She was Secretary for Region 3 of the NJ State Nurses Association, and was appointed National Public Policy Workgroup member and regional Public Policy Advisor for the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) where she promoted the organization’s public policy agenda & empowered chapter members to influence policy development related to critical care nursing and health.

Dr. Sobon Sensor earned a Ph.D. from Seton Hall University in Nursing Research and Theory Development. She received an M.S.N. in Clinical Management with a focus in Transcultural Nursing from Kean University, a B.S.N. from New Jersey City University, and a diploma in nursing from the Englewood Hospital School of Nursing. She has had the opportunity to study with Dr. Madeline Leininger, the founder of Transcultural Nursing, and Dr. Francis Collins who headed the Human Genome Project at National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. Sobon Sensor has certified expertise in Adult Critical Care (CCRN), School Health, and Transcultural Nursing. She has extensive clinical experience in critical care and emergency nursing, School Health Nursing, and nursing supervision. Dr. Sobon Sensor currently works as a Certified School Nurse in a large urban public school district in Union, NJ, USA. In addition, she teaches Public Health and Community Health Nursing at Rutgers University School of Nursing.  Prior to teaching at Rutgers, she taught nursing at Kean University for many years. While at Kean University, she applied to a competitive interdisciplinary program at NIH along with one of her students. They were chosen to be one of 15 faculty/student research mentor pairs that participated in a Genomics Short Course at NIH in 2008.

In addition to professional endeavors, Dr. Sobon Sensor has been participating in Women’s Sprint Triathlons since 2008. She enjoys time spent outdoors swimming, biking and running. She is a leader in the Triwomen group, where she mentors women new to the sport of Triathlon, ultimately empowering communities of healthier women as role models for their families. She is an advocate for breast cancer awareness and has participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in NYC since 2006. Connie and her husband Tim have four sons, and she is grateful for the never-ending support of her family.

Activity Reports

July, 2018 International Day of Global Citizenship
July, 2018 Preparation for HLM on NCDs
July, 2018 Preparation for HLPF
July, 2018 Workshop Committee Meetings
June, 2018 Townhall NGO Conference Meeting
May, 2018 Workshop Committee Meeting
2017 November CSW Monthly Meeting
2017 Peace Boat
2017 Movie Screening
2017 Day of Older Person
2017 September CSW Monthly Meeting
2017 Intergenerational Dialogue
2017 Global Citizenship Education
2017 Gender Science and Sustainable Development - The Impact of Media
2017 High Level Panel Discussions
2017 Holocaust Remembrance
United Nations Holocaust Remembrance
2017 Workplace Violence
2017 Women and Non-Communicable Diseases
2017 Commission on the Status of Women - Women and Labor
Women and Nutrition CSW Event flyer
2017 The Sunrise Storyteller
World Premiere of UN The Sunrise Storyteller
2017 Commission on the Status of Women Monthly Meeting
April 2017 CSW Briefing and General Meeting
2017 CSW Consultation Day
2017 CSW Town Hall meeting with Secretary General
2017 CSW Women's Rally and Birthday Party
2017 Education for Global Citizenship
2017 Global Citizenship Briefing

Marnie Colborne - Youth Representative


Marnie Colborne is 23 years old and is a registered nurse in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She graduated from the University of Alberta with First Class Standing in Honors. Marnie started her career as an intensive care nurse and is now transitioning into other areas of nursing in public health and acute medicine. Marnie has published research in a variety of journals including the Journal of Gerontological Nursing and Nursing Open.

Marnie has been dedicated to serving others throughout her life as demonstrated by her commitment to nonprofit organizations and volunteer work. Starting as a grade nine student, Marnie began fundraising with other students in her after school Legacy Program in affiliation with a nonprofit charitable society, the Uganda Partnership, to generate enough money to purchase land for widow groups to live on in Benyeshi, Uganda. The land helped as a means of safety for these women and their children and to help the women generate a sustainable lifestyle. Currently, Marnie is working closely with a few others to fundraise to build a health clinic, as well as a mobile health clinic, in the community. Marnie hopes to volunteer time in the future and utilize her nursing skills in Uganda. Marnie’s service and volunteer work has been widely recognized resulting in her receiving a variety of leadership scholarships throughout her university degree.

As a United Nations Youth Representative, Marnie is dedicated to educating individuals on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Since starting her role as Sigma’s United Nations Youth Representative, Marnie has co-founded a nonprofit organization called Youthnited Nations whose mission is to engage and empower youth in achieving the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. The organization educates individuals via social media and live events including volunteer opportunities locally.

Marnie is a part of the Mu Sigma Chapter and is a devoted Sigma member, actively spreading the Sigma mission to youth at the University of Alberta. She is currently president-elect and is a co-chair for the Margaret Scott Wright Research Day hosted by the faculty of nursing and the University of Alberta in fall of 2018.

Activity Reports
2018 Commission on the Status of Women - International Council of Nurses
2017 General Assembly of the United Nations
2017 Empowering Women and Girls in Canada and Abroad
2017 Empowering Women and Girls Through Access to Health

DPI-NGO Communications Workshop
2017 Youth Assembly - Power Differentials
2017 Youth Assembly - STEM
2017 Youth Assembly - Official Welcome
2017 Youth Assembly - Everyone In
2017 Orientation Programme
2017 Youth Voices on Substance Abuse


Aden Hamza - Youth Representative

Picture - Aden Hamza

Aden Hamza is currently a graduate student in the Masters of Science in Nursing program at Western University, where she also completed her Bachelors of Science in Nursing with distinction in 2011. Following her undergraduate degree, Aden pursued her interests in global health and humanitarian affairs by completing an intensive Humanitarian course with Duke University and accompanying internship with the Sphere Project. The experienced helped strengthen her ability to understand and contribute on global policies and inspired her to pursue a graduate degree in order to further understand and conduct global health research. In line with these goals, Aden conducted field research in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, interviewing women about their experiences receiving humanitarian aid following the earthquake in 2010.

These experiences have added value to Aden’s active role in her local and global community, where she has focused on advocating for the youth voice and promoting community engagement. She is currently a committee member of the Northeast Community Conversations, which is a grassroots group that works with local leaders to organize workshops and discussions on various global and local issues; a founding member of Youth Empowerment Committee of the African Canadian Federation of London and Area, which provides unique services to African and racialized youth; and Leadership Succession Chair of the Iota Omicron Chapter of STTI. Her current and previous community involvement has granted Aden recognition as an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society. Aden also gained further international experience by representing Canada as the National Youth Delegate at the Commonwealth Youth Forum in Malta this past November, where she worked with youth representatives from across the Commonwealth to draft youth-oriented recommendations and action plans to be presented to the Heads of Government. 

Aden’s clinical experience lies in medical/surgical where she began her career at London Health Sciences Centre, and later transitioned to the Emergency Department where she is currently working. 

Activity Reports

Intergenerational Dialogue on the Sustainable Development Goals
United Nations SDGs Training at Western University
2017 Winter Youth Assembly
2017 DPI-NGO Youth Representatives Event
2017 ECOSOC Youth Forum
2016 Youth Led Briefing
2016 UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocates Training

2016 Inter-Agency Network for Youth Development

2016 United Nations Women and Youth Dialogue
2016 Global Citizenship
2016 Youth Forum


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