Sigma introduces three new representatives to the United Nations

INDIANAPOLIS—Two new Sigma United Nations liaisons and one youth representative have been selected to represent Sigma to the United Nations (UN) and the non-governmental organization community. They join two returning liaisons and one youth representative.

These volunteer positions support Sigma’s engagement at the highest levels of global collaboration, educate world leaders about Sigma, and promote the value of nursing leadership by attending and/or participating in various UN events, programs, and activities. They gather information to inform and advise the Sigma global initiatives department, with the goal of fulfilling Sigma’s mission.

The following Sigma members began their appointment in early January 2023:

  • Charlotte McArdle, Sigma UN Liaison
  • Jerry Nutor, Sigma UN Liaison
  • Aimée Giselle Horcasitas-Tovar, Sigma UN Youth Representative

They join current liaisons and youth representatives:

  • Patrick Chiu, Sigma UN Liaison
  • Mercy Mumba, Sigma UN Liaison
  • Kathleen Eviza, Sigma UN Youth Representative

Learn more about our liaisons and youth representatives.

In July 2012, the UN Economic and Social Council granted special consultative status to Sigma, which refers to expertise in the field of nursing and global health. This UN designation recognizes Sigma’s commitment to the charter of the UN, which seeks to achieve international cooperation toward solving humanitarian issues.

Sigma's special consultative status refers to competence in the field of nursing, which extends to global health. This status allows Sigma greater privileges, access to nearly all intergovernmental processes at the UN dealing with economic and social development – including health and gender issues, sustainable development and human rights – and allows Sigma to participate on UN committees and to have a “voice” at the UN.

Through this affiliation, Sigma commits to disseminate information and raise public awareness about the purposes and activities of the UN and related issues of global concern. Sigma will provide a strong nursing presence at the UN and will continue to conduct outreach around the world to help our nurse members better understand the work and aims of the UN, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

About Sigma:
The Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) is a nonprofit organization with the mission of developing nurse leaders anywhere to improve healthcare everywhere. Founded in 1922, Sigma has more than 135,000 active members and 550 chapters at institutions of higher education and healthcare partners from Armenia, Australia, and Botswana to Thailand, the United States, and Wales. Sigma members include clinical nurses and administrators, academic nurse educators and researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and others working to fulfill the organization’s vision of connected, empowered nurse leaders transforming global healthcare. 

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