Sigma’s new academy focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Sigma Nursing has partnered with Shift—a healthcare education company that uses immersive technology and training to deliver proven results—to bring you the Virtual Mini Academy: Health Equity Training. This academy is designed to help healthcare professionals understand and practice diversity, equity, and inclusion and to develop the motivation to change behaviors and improve nurse and patient outcomes. Topics addressed over the course of the 10-week academy include demystifying bias, discovery of persona values, equality, equity and justice, and more.

Academy participants will view brief multimedia lessons that easily fit into a busy schedule and will receive tools to support ongoing success. They will have opportunities to openly discuss their learning experience with other participants. Immersive and interactive video technology, including a 360 component, are utilized to promote success. A virtual reality (VR) component is available for institutions and universities with the proper equipment, which will guide scholars through life-like experiences to demonstrate disparities and inequities in action.

Applications for the Virtual Mini Academy: Health Equity Training are now open and close on 23 November. Learn more and apply