Sigma Small Grants

Samuel Akyirem, MRes (Delta Mu Chapter, USA)
An Analytical Cross-sectional Study of Type 2 Diabetes Stigma And Its Association With Hemoglobin A1C In Ghana
This study will research adults living with type 2 diabetes (T2D) to assess the association between diabetes-related stigma and HbA1C. Participants will be drawn from the diabetes center at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Ghana, using non-probability sampling.

Tyler Gaedecke, BSN (Alpha Zeta Chapter, USA)
Personal Healthcare Networks of Transgender and Gender-Diverse Adults After Gender-Affirming Surgery
The proposed study directly addresses access to care to improve health in a marginalized and understudied population (i.e., transgender and gender-diverse (TGD) individuals who have had gender-affirming surgery).

Chelsea Howland, PhD, RN (Gamma and Epsilon Eta Chapters, USA)
Engaging Rural Adults with Type 2 Diabetes in Adaptation of a Physical Activity Intervention for a Mobile App
This study focuses on reducing structural inequities due to inadequate access to diabetes and health resources and promotes inclusion of a vulnerable, underserved population of rural individuals in the advancement of mobile health technology.

Nurul Huda, PhD (Indonesia)
Web-based tailored psychoeducation for advanced cancer patients in Indonesia
The purpose of this project is to provide a cost-effective means of expanding the reach of clinical care and facilitating efficient patient communication and support. eHealth can improve quality of life in patients and reduce healthcare costs as well as reduce travel time.

Eileen Lake, PhD, RN (Xi Chapter, USA)
Safe Nurse Staffing for Scotland: A Cross-Sectional Observational Study
This project is designed to describe the baseline nursing standards adherence, nurse staffing, and work environments in hospitals at the initial implementation of the Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Act 2019.

Youran Lee, MSN (USA)
The influence of Social Determinants of Health and Diet quality on Symptom experiences in Patients with Colorectal cancer
This study aims to contribute to strategies to provide adaptable dietary intervention to decrease the symptom burden in patients with CRC in the SDOH lens globally.

Meng-Li Li, PhD (Pi Iota at-Large Chapter, Hong Kong)
Effects of a Mindfulness-Based Physical Exercise (MBPE) Program for Community-dwelling Older People with Sarcopenia: A Randomized Controlled Trial
This study aims to explore the effects of a mindfulness-based physical exercise (MBPE) program on the symptoms of sarcopenia and the psychological well-being among the community-dwelling older adults with sarcopenia.

Huanyu Mou, PhD (Pi Iota at-Large, Hong Kong)
Effects of Dyadic Motivational Interviewing (MI-Dyad) Program for Improving Activity Participation of Stroke Survivors and Family Caregivers:  A Mixed-Methods Feasibility Study
This feasibility study aims provide some preliminary implications in the development of follow-up services for stroke patients after discharge. These findings can potentially be extended to various settings, including community care.

Joshua Muliira, DNP (Beta Rho at-Large Chapter, USA)
Impact of Unmet Needs on the Health Outcomes of Cancer Patients and their Family Caregivers in Uganda
This study aims to unveil data that can be used to enhance the quality of oncology nursing and cancer care services in Uganda.

Jorden G. Rieke, BSN (Alpha Mu Chapter, USA)
Combined EMA Tools to Assess Stress and Glycemia in Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes
This study aims to provide preliminary evidence of the feasibility and acceptability of using combined ecological momentary assessment (EMA) tools to assess psychological stress and glycemia in young adults with T1D.

Sonique Sailsman, PhD (Pi Gamma at-Large Chapter, USA)
Perspectives of Latino Adolescents: Cultural Beliefs and Practices about Health Literacy
This study aims to provide exploration and identification of the cultural beliefs and practices related to acquisition and utilization of health information of Latino adolescents. As a minority group, Latino adolescents often face difficulties navigating the healthcare system due to inequities and disparities.

Elaine Sang, MSN (Xi Chapter, USA)
Sepsis Recovery in Home Health Care: Perspectives on Patient Education from Nurses and Patients
This study aims address a critical research need (sepsis patient education) within a highly vulnerable yet very understudied population (sepsis survivors).

Jung Yoen Son, MSN (Rho Chapter, USA)
Relocation Experience and Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior: Newly Admitted Residents to Assisted Living Facilities
This study aims to determine the feasibility and acceptability of conducting a longitudinal study with newly admitted residents to ALF, establish a preliminary estimate of changes in PA and SB during the relocation from community to ALF, and identify predictors of relocation-related changes.

Jing Jing Su, PhD (Alpha Alpha Phi Chapter, Hong Kong)
Effect of eHealth Cardiac Rehabilitation Incorporating Mindfulness as a Stress Management Component for Patients with Coronary Heart Disease: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
This study aims to investigate the effect of a comprehensive eHealth CR, incorporating mindfulness as stress management component, on stress and related health outcomes of CHD patients.

Zidu Xu, MMed (Alpha Zeta Chapter, USA)
MERID-EQ: Multimodal Early Risk Identification for Home Healthcare Equity in Infection Risks
This study aims to improve the early detection and robust risk prediction across diverse populations. Should the findings be implemented in the future, they could contribute to a decrease in hospitalizations for HHC patients and promote health equity.

Rosemary Berkel Crisp Research Award

Karen Elizabeth Alsbrook, PhD, RN, OCN (Alpha Alpha Xi Chapter, USA)
Opiophobia in Postsurgical Adults with Cancer
This study aims to explore the prevalence of opiophobia among postsurgical adults with cancer one week after the hospital stay for cancer surgery and the hypothesized associations among opiophobia, anxiety, depression, pain intensity, pain interference, and opioid medication adherence.

Doris Bloch Research Award

Monica Peddle, PhD (Psi Zeta at-Large Chapter, Australia)
Organisational Perspectives of Support For Nurses Who Identify As Second Victim: A Feasibility Study.
The purpose of this research will use a qualitative phenomenographic approach in a feasibility study to identify the differences in how healthcare facilities identify, respond and support nurses involved in patient safety incidents who identify as second victims and test research methods and design.

Joan K. Stout, RN, Research Grant

Angela Karakachian, PhD, RN (Epsilon Phi Chapter, USA)
Difficult Conversations: Educating Nursing Students on Responding to Child Maltreatment
The purpose of this study is to help improve student nurses’ knowledge and confidence in detecting, reporting and caring for victims of child maltreatment.

Sigma Global Nursing Research Grant

Seda Karakaya Cataldas, PhD (Turkey); Joanna (Anneke) Rummens, PhD (Canada); Erin Ziegler, PhD, (Canada); Esra Ummak, PhD (Norway); Fahriye Oflaz, PhD (Turkey); Cemile Hürrem Ayhan, PhD (Turkey)
Exploring Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Healthcare Providers in Addressing the Care Needs of Individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+: A Mixed-Method Study
The purpose of this study is therefore to explore and examine HCPs' knowledge, implicit attitudes, practices, and experiences for the broader scientific community. Its goal is to help inform future interventions to address attitudes, increase knowledge, and implement needed practices aimed at improving health equity for LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Dr. Martha Pitel Global Nursing Research Grant

Saidy Eliana Arias Murcia, PhD (Colombia); Jose Luis Alvarez, MSc, (Panama); Johanna Carolina Sánchez Castro, MSN (Germany); Ana María Cano Polanco, BA (Colombia); María Irene Carrillo Mayanquer, BA (Ecuador); Angela María Orozco Gómez, MSW (Colombia)
Culturally competent mental health promotion program for adolescent migrants in Colombia and Panama
The purpose of this study is to develop a culturally competent program (CCP) to promote the mental health of adolescent migrants in Bogota and Panama City.

Sigma/Alpha Eta Collaborative Research Grant

Vistolina Nuuyoma, PhD (Alpha Beta Beta Chapter, Namibia)
Development of a Framework to Enhance Integration of Human Anatomy and Physiology into Clinical Practice of Undergraduate Nursing Students in Namibia
This study aims to address a critical issue in nursing education, with great potential in producing reflective and critical thinkers as they will now be able prepared to embrace value of anatomy and physiology knowledge into the practice of nursing.

Sigma/American Association of Critical-Care Nursing Grant

Rebecca Leslie, MSN, RN, FNP-BC (USA)
Identifying Risk Factors for Anastomotic Leak for Pediatric Patients Status Post Esophageal Repair
This study aims to examine patient, procedural and egram practices for pediatric patients who underwent esophageal repair at BCH to identify relevant risk factors and to inform development of a Pediatric Esophagram Risk Stratification Tool that can be validated in a future study.

Sigma/American Board for Occupational Health Nurses Research Grant

Sungwon Park, PhD, RN (Rho Chapter, USA)
Sedentary Behaviors and Physical Activity in University IT Workers
The purpose of this study is to study the rise in sedentary work that has caused an increase in sedentary behavior (SB) and decrease in physical activity (PA), which can cumulatively increase the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Sigma/American Nurses Credentialing Center Evidence-Based Practice Implementation Grant Program

Annette Brant Isozaki, MSN (Iota Sigma Chapter, USA)
On the BRINK: PhotoBiomodulation (PBM) for Mucositis in Patients Undergoing Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell TRansplant (HSCT) – Implementing the Evidence & Discovering New Knowledge
The purpose of this study will implement PBM into practice and compare patient outcomes to historical controls with no PBM. Secondary objectives aim to reduce pain, xerostomia, and taste changes and examine the costs of using PBM

Sigma/Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Grant

Amit Dhir, MSN (Nu Beta at-Large Chapter, USA)
Extending the Prevention Toolbox: Exploring the Acceptability and Impact of Long-acting Injectable PrEP among MSM in Baltimore
The purpose of this study is to examine barriers and facilitators among men who have sex with men (MSM) and their networks related to PrEP uptake in Baltimore, MD.

Sigma/Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses Grant

Theresa Criscitelli, EdD, RN, CNOR, NE-BC (Alpha Omega Chapter, USA); Martha Kent, EdD, RN, NEA-BC (USA)
Practice Readiness and Anticipated Turnover of the Novice Perioperative Operating Room Nurse in an Academic Health System.
This study aims explore practice readiness and anticipated turnover of the novice OR nurse working in an academic health system to address their transition to practice

Sigma/Canadian Nurses Foundation Grant

Salima Sulaiman, PhD (Rho Delta Chapter, Canada)
Association of Coparenting Relationship with postpartum Depression and Anxiety in Immigrants Postnatal Women
The purpose of this study is to examine the association between co-parenting relationship and postpartum depression and anxiety among Canadian immigrant women

Sigma/Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science Grant

Sarah Elise Janek, BSN (Beta Epsilon, USA)
Intersectional Discrimination and Sexual Health Among Young Black Men who Have Sex with Men: Supporting a Community-Engaged Approach
This study aims to increase our understanding of the relationship between of intersectional discrimination experiences and sexual health among young Black men who have sex with men (YBMSM).

Sigma/Emergency Nurses Association Foundation Grant

Katie West, MSN, RN, CEN (USA)
Measuring Change in Overcoming Implicit Biases in Behavior by Emergency Medicine Health Care Providers
This study aims to address the gap in knowledge by assessing readiness to change implicit bias in healthcare providers who work in the ECC and provide them with tailored education to make them aware of it and decrease it, which in turn is expected to improve patient care and outcomes.

Sigma/Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation End of Life Nursing Care Research Grant

Avery C. Bechthold, BSN (Nu at-Large Chapter, USA)
A mixed methods exploration of the values elicitation experiences of patients with an LVAD and their family caregivers
The purpose of this study is to characterize patient and FCG experiences of engaging in values discussions and identify potential components of a patient- and family FCG-facing intervention.

Sigma/Midwest Nursing Research Society Research Grant

Deena M Woodall, MSN (Epsilon Gamma at-Large Chapter, USA)
Longitudinal Evaluation of Practice Readiness for a Rural Nurse Residency Program, Using an Interactive Computerized Decision Tool
The purpose of this pilot study is to provide the initial steps to shape an evaluation program for a rural health care system’s NRP, with the intent of determining practice readiness and the need for any future program modifications.

Sigma/National Association of Hispanic Nurses Research Grant

Cristina Dominguez De Quezad, BSN, MSN, PhD, RN, CNE (Delta Kappa Chapter, USA)
Life Experiences of Limited English Proficiency Patients with Established Cardiovascular Diseases Living in the US-Mexico Border
The purpose of this study aims to explore the life experiences of LEP Hispanics/Latinos with established cardiovascular conditions when interacting in a predominantly English-speaking healthcare environment.

Sigma/National League for Nursing Grant

Eda Ozkara San, PhD, MBA, RN, CHSE, CTN-A, FNYAM (USA)
Care for People with Disabilities: Health Assessment and Promotion Simulation with Disability Content Inclusion for Pre-licensure Nursing Students
This study aims to evaluate the effect of the health assessment and promotion simulation with disability content on nursing students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards PWD.

Sigma/Southern Nursing Research Society Grant

Susan Welch, EdD (Epsilon Omega Chapter, USA)
The Process of Engaging Stakeholders in Nursing Curricula Development, Renewal, and Evaluation: An Academic Nursing Perspective
The purpose of this study is to understand the academic nursing perspective of the process (social interaction process) of stakeholder engagement in nursing curricula development, renewal, and evaluation. The expected outcome of this research is a theoretical framework, and future research will encompass an exploratory sequential mixed-method research design.

Sigma/Western Institute of Nursing Research Grant

Loretta Tsu, MA (Alpha Kappa at-Large Chapter, USA)
Examining the Symptom Burden of traumatic Brain Injury in Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence with Novel Biomarkers of Inflammation
This study aims to address the relationships of systemic inflammation and neuroinflammation with physical, mental, and cognitive symptom burden in IPV survivors with and without TBI compared to healthy controls.