Sigma Small Grants

Rebecca Bates, DNP, MSN, BSN (Epsilon Zeta Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Exploring Sub-Cultural Adolescent Population Experiences of Opioids [ESCAPE Opioids]
The purpose of this study is to explore the experiences and under-researched core cultural characteristics (e.g., cultural values, norms, beliefs, attitudes) that may lead to opioid misuse among adolescents living in a high opioid-overdose environment.

Michael Joseph S. Dino, PhD, MAN, RN, LPT (Phi Gamma Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Understanding the Impact of Humanoid Robot-Led Exercise on Mental and Physical Health among Elderly in Selected Senior Centers in the Philippines
Our study will examine the impact of a humanoid robot (HR)-led health promotion exercise program on physical performance (ADL) and cognitive function among young older adults in selected urban ‘senior centers’ in the Philippines.

“This research joins the increasing number of robotic studies in the promotion of care among older adults. The proposed research will explore physical and mental wellness among the participants of humanoid robot-led health promotion exercise. It will also attempt to explore the older adult’s experiences and examine factors related to the use/non-use and maximum/least benefit. In line with the 10-year Strategic Plan for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development by the Philippine Department of Science and Technology, this inaugural study on gerontologic health promotion is part of the establishment of the Advancement in Robotic Research and Optimization for Wellness (ARROW) in a Philippine university.”
— Michael Joseph S. Dino, PhD, MAN, RN, LPT
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

Madeline Fernandez, PhD, MSN, BSN (Beta Nu Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Psychological Distress and Management of Women who Experienced Miscarriage During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The purpose of this mixed methods study is to explore the experiences, perceived stress, coping
strategies, and social support of women in Eastern North Carolina (ENC) after suffering a
miscarriage during the COVID-19 pandemic and their preferences in receiving psychosocial

Jenny Lynn Firkins, PhD, RN (Beta Psi Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Spirituality and Quality of Life in Cancer Survivors in the Pacific Northwest
This proposed study will examine the relationship between spirituality and overall quality of life (QOL) along with the domains of quality of life: physical, psychological, and social well-being in cancer survivors with a history of gastrointestinal, lung, or central nervous system cancers.

Seongkum Heo, PhD, MSN, BSN (Pi Gamma Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: The Efficacy of A Short Compassion Meditation Intervention and Factors Associated With Quality of Life in Undergraduate Nursing Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial
The purposes of this two-arm (a short compassion meditation [S-COME] intervention group vs. control group) randomized controlled trial (RCT) are to examine the relationships of psychological factors (i.e., stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, self-compassion, self-esteem, resilience, and adaptive coping) to quality of life (QOL) and to examine the intervention effects on the psychological factors and QOL in undergraduate nursing students.

Nurul Huda, MN, (Lambda Beta at-Large Chapter, Indonesia)

Title of Project: Effectiveness of Psychoeducational Intervention Among Patients with Advanced Cancer
The purpose of this study will be to evaluate the effectiveness of a psychoeducational intervention (PEI) on psychological distress, anxiety, depression, coping, fatigue, and quality of life.

Stacey E. Lobst, PhD, RN (Pi at-Large Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: A Longitudinal Perspective of Professional Quality of Life and Intention to Stay Among Perinatal Registered Nurses during the COVID-19 Pandemic
The purpose of this study is to examine the professional quality of life and intention to stay in the current job and nursing profession among perinatal nurses since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stanley K. K. Lam, PhD, MN, BN (Pi Iota at-Large Chapter, Hong Kong)

Title of Project: Effectiveness of An Online Psychoeducation Program for Improving Coping in People with Pathological Dissociation: A Pilot Randomized Waitlist-controlled Trial
The purpose of this study is to refine, enrich, and pilot test a feasibility tested online psychoeducation program for people with pathological dissociation with emotional regulation and interpersonal skill training components and evaluate the preliminary effectiveness of an online program on improving their coping and symptom management.
“While dissociation-focused psychotherapy is recommended for people with pathological dissociation, there are considerable challenges in providing timely and suitable support for this underserved population. First, dissociation-focused services are not available in many places because there is a lack of therapists who have received training in treating dissociation. Second, the costs of specialized individual treatment could be very high; trauma and dissociation survivors typically have attachment and interpersonal difficulties, and therefore they could not easily establish a trusting relationship and treatment alliance with their service providers. More importantly, face-to-face services can be easily affected by social factors or other logistical challenges. Therefore, in order to offset some of these challenges, it is important to develop entry-level interventions that can provide timely support for people with pathological dissociation who often hardly access treatments that specifically target the dissociative pathology. The proposed study will offer insights into the development of an early educational intervention to address the service needs of people with pathological dissociation. This study will also pave the way for launching a much larger definitive randomized controlled trial (RCT) to evaluate the effectiveness of the online program in a larger sample. This has the potential to lead to developing an evidence-based easily-accessible educational intervention to improve the mental health outcomes of this disadvantaged and underserved population..”
— Stanley K.K. Lam PhD, MN, BN
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Nethersole School of Nursing

Thomas Lawson, MSN, BSN (USA)

Title of Project: Prevalence, Severity, and Risk Factors of Delirium in Critically Ill Stroke Patients
This study aims to determine the prevalence, severity, and factors associated with delirium among critically ill stroke patients. Using a prospective observational cohort design, we will follow 200 critically ill stroke patients through the first seven days of their ICU admission.

Jessica M. LeClair, MPH, BSN (Beta Eta at-Large Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Climate Justice Perspectives and Strategies Implemented by Public Health Nurses and their Community Partners
The purpose of this study is to begin to examine effective public health practices that advance climate justice and population health by describing how public health nurses (PHNs) and their community partners conceptualize climate justice, and how their visions and experiences can inform the partnership strategies and processes they utilize to advance climate justice. 

Jennifer Lee, BSN RN (Nu Beta at-Large Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Health Service Utilization of Black Immigrants with Cumulative Trauma
The purpose of the study is to examine the impact of cumulative trauma (CT) on health service utilization practices among Black immigrant women.

Regis Rugira Marie Modeste, PhD, RN, RM, NE, RNA (Alpha Beta Beta Chapter, South Africa)

Title of Project: Psychological Distress, Social Support, Coping, and Resilience Amongst University Nursing Students During Covid-19 Pandemic
The aim to this study will be to investigate psychosocial distress, COVID-19 related anxiety, social support, coping and resilience amongst university nursing students during covid-19 pandemic. 
“Covid-19 came as a surprise and disturbed life as we knew it. Nursing students experienced similar stress and anxiety as the general population. However, they still needed to complete their training as health care workers in training, which included exposure to clinical learning environments where patients with Codi-19 were being treated. Understanding their distress, support, coping and resilience will be beneficial for nurse educators, and nursing institutions, as such information may be used to put in place programmes and processes to support students more towards successful completion of the programme, while developing constructive coping mechanisms and resilience.”
—  Rugira Regis Marie Modeste, PhD, RN, NE, RM
Stellenbosch University, Department of Nursing and Midwifery

Oluwatoyin Victoria Olukotun, PhD, BSN (Omicron Upsilon Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: BIPOC Students’ Experiences with Social Justice Content in the Classroom
The purpose of this study is to understand the experiences of Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) students who engage with anti-racist and social justice content in their classrooms.

Ratchanok Phonyiam, MSN, RN (Alpha Alpha Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Understanding the Self-Management in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding in Women with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus from Thailand
The purpose of this study is to describe diabetes self-management in pregnancy and breastfeeding experiences in women with preexisting type 2 diabetes mellitus from Thailand.

Sehrish Sajjad, MScN, BScN (Rho Delta Chapter, Pakistan)

Title of Project: Development and Testing of a Videogame Intervention for Improving the Health-related Quality of Life (HrQOL) of Children with Cancer at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Pakistan: A Mixed Methods Design
The study aims to develop a videogame intervention for children (age 8-18 years) with cancer and test the clinical efficacy of the intervention with regards to cancer symptom management and HrQOL. Moreover, the implementation outcomes will also be recorded.

Taghreed Nayel Salameh, PhD, BSN (Iota Zeta Chapter, Turkey)

Title of Project: Predictors and Mediators of Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Experiences of Accessing Mental Health Treatment for PPD among Syrian Refugee Women Settling in Turkey: A Mixed Methods Design Study
The purposes of this study of female Syrian refugees are to: (a) identify subtypes of PPD, (b) examine predictors and mediators of PPD, and (c) describe the experiences of mothers with PPD symptoms in accessing mental health treatment for PPD.

Susan Solmos, MSN, BSN (Gamma Pi Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Mixed Methods Approach to Investigating Healthcare Providers’ PPE-Related Facial Injuries as Posted on social media during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Global Perspective
The purposes of this study is to describe PPE-related facial injuries occurring in frontline nurses and Health Care Providers (HCPs) during the COVID-19 pandemic and understand/identify the unique personal, environmental, and contextual factors associated with these injuries.

Meredith Troutman-Jordan, PhD RN PMHCNS-BC (Gamma Iota Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Making a Difference: Culturally and Ethnically Appropriate Guides for Those Working with People with Dementia
The purpose of this study is to determine the usefulness, feasibility, and acceptability of language, culture-and ethnicity-specific caregiver resource guides to help immigrant nurses and unlicensed assistive personnel or nursing assistants working with persons with dementia.

Natsuko Wood, PhD, MSN, RN (Delta Chi at-Large Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: The Breastfeeding Relationship Between Employed Mother and Infant Dyads: A Mixed Methods Prospective Study
The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of maternal employment on the breastfeeding relationship between breastfeeding mother and infant dyads and its relation to maternal emotions, and to explore maternal breastfeeding experiences.

Rosemary Berkel Crisp Research Award

Jessica Davis, BSN, RN, CCRN, IBCL (Eta Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Neonatal Diet Type and Associations with Adverse Feeding Outcomes and Gut Microbiome Composition in Neonates with Critical Congenital Heart Defects.
The purpose of this project is to address the gaps in knowledge regarding neonatal diet type, adverse feeding outcomes (feeding intolerance, NEC, and malnutrition), and neonatal gut microbiome composition in neonates with critical congenital birth defects (CCHD neonates).

Doris Bloch Research Award

Lindsey Nelson, MSN (Lambda Phi  Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Feasibility and Acceptability of a Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing a Companion Dog-Walking Intervention to an Attention Control Education Intervention on the Psychological Health of Adult Intensive Care Unit Survivors
The purpose of this randomized controlled trial (RCT) is to assess the feasibility and
acceptability of a companion dog-walking intervention compared to an attention control
education intervention on depression, anxiety, salivary cortisol, and quality of life (QOL) in adult
intensive care unit (ICU) survivors.

Joan K. Stout, RN, Research Grant

Natasha Nurse-Clarke, PhD, MSN, BSN (Delta Zeta Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: An Exploration of the Effects of Virtual Gaming Simulation on Knowledge Retention, Student Enjoyment, Satisfaction and Confidence Levels- A Pilot Study
The purpose of this research study is to determine the effects that VGS has on knowledge retention, student enjoyment, satisfaction and confidence levels among undergraduate, post-licensure RN-BS nursing students enrolled in a fully online, asynchronous program.

Sigma Global Nursing Research Grant

Marco Tomietto, PhD, MSN, BN (Phi Mu Chapter, UK); Giancarlo Cicolini, PhD, (Italy); Kristina Mikkonen, PhD (Finland); Michelle Croston, PhD (UK)

Title of Project: Implementing profiling to boost vaccination uptake among nurses and nursing students: a machine learning approach, Nursing IMPACT project
This project aims to identify the underlying patterns of nurses’ and nursing students’ vaccination hesitancy at the international level. 

Sigma/Alpha Eta Collaborative Research Grant

Champion Nyoni, PhD, MSN, BSN (Tau Lambda at-Large Chapter, South Africa)

Title of Project: Student Nurses Perceptions of Professional Identity Across Contexts: An Associative Group Analysis Education in under-resourced nursing education institutions in Lesotho
The objectives are to describe the similarities of student nurses’ perceptions of professional identity across selected contexts and differences of student nurses’ perceptions of professional identity across selected contexts.

Sigma/American Association of Critical-Care Nursing Grant

Pamela Barthle, MSN, RN, APRN-CNP (Zeta Zeta Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: “The mMEDITATION Study: A Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effect of an mHealth Meditation Intervention Compared to Cardiovascular Education on Adults and Older Adults with Anxiety and Stress After Myocardial Infarction
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of an eight-week mobile health (mHealth) meditation intervention compared to a cardiovascular (CV) education intervention on anxiety and stress in a convenience sample of adults and older adults with a first non-ST elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) or ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI).

Sigma/American Nurses Credentialing Center Evidence-Based Practice Implementation Grant Program

Lisa Brannack, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, (Alpha Mu Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: TheVeteran Core Values Version 2.0 Educational Workshop
The purpose of this project is enhance provider cultural competence by educating VA primary care providers on the significance of employing a values-based clinical approach when caring for veterans.

Sigma/Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Grant

Michael Relf, PhD, RN (Beta Epsilon Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: The Theoretical Understanding of Risk Perception and Dual-Method Contraceptive Decision-Making among Texas Adolescent and Young Adult Cisgender Females
The purpose of this study is to provide insight into the processes associated with risk perception analysis and decision-making related to dual-method contraceptive use among a population that is disproportionately affected by STIs.

Sigma/Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses Grant

Emily Jones, MSN, RN, CNOR, NPD-BC (USA)

Title of Project: Associations Between Organizational Factors and Perioperative Nurse Safety Attitudes During Local-Only Anesthesia Surgical Procedures
This quantitative prospective observational study with cross-sectional sampling intends to examine the relationship between perioperative nurse safety attitudes and organizational factors (physiologic monitoring, nurse staffing, and patient selection) during the clinical care of patients undergoing local-only anesthesia procedures.

Sigma/Canadian Nurses Foundation Grant

Marilyn T. Macdonald, PhD, MSN, RN (Rho Rho Chapter, Canada)

Title of Project: Long Term Care Home Residents’ Experiences with Socially Assistive Technologies and the Effectiveness of these Technologies: A Mixed-Methods Systematic Review Protocol
The purpose of this review is to document the experiences of long-term care (LTC) residents with the use of socially assistive technologies and the effectiveness of these technologies in decreasing depression, loneliness, and social isolation in LTC settings.
This mixed methods review is designed to synthesize quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods evidence related to socially assistive technologies that support social interaction in long term care (LTC) homes. These technologies have the potential impact of decreasing social isolation, depression and cognitive decline in residents. The evidence generated may serve to inform nursing care optimization of these technologies as well as senior decision-making personnel in LTC homes to make sound investment decisions related to optimizing the use of socially assistive technologies for the health and well-being of older adults in LTC. Thus, adding value and impact for nursing practice, research with older adults in LTC, and policy related to LTC.”
— Marilyn T. Macdonald, PhD, MSN, RN
Dalhousie University School of Nursing

Sigma/Chamberlain College of Nursing Education Research Grants

Wilma Calvert, PhD, MSN, BSN (Nu Chi Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Understanding the Situated Experiences of Tenured Black Nursing Faculty: Keys to Eradicating Race Inequities Nursing Education
The purpose of this study is to explore how tenured Black nursing faculty describe the
challenges, barriers, feelings, and success(es) they experienced when they worked to earn
tenure with the ultimate goal to better illuminate the situated experiences of tenured Black
nursing faculty.

Lisa Eyring-Guthrie, MSN, BSN (Delta Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Development and Psychometric Testing of the Capstone-Experience Preceptor Preparedness Scale: The Cap-ExPresS Study
The purpose of this study is to conduct psychometric testing of a pilot-tested multidimensional preceptor preparedness scale for preceptors working with pre-licensure nursing students during their capstone experience, the Capstone-Experience Preceptor Preparedness Scale (Cap-ExPresS).

Regina Wilder Urban, PhD, MSN, BSN (Delta Theta Chapter, USA)
Leslie Jennings, MSN (Delta Theta Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Influencing Pre-Nursing Student Well-Being Through a Five-Week Online Intervention: A Pilot Study
The purpose of this study is to describe factors that may contribute to pre-nursing student well-being and to test a well-being intervention utilized in an introduction to nursing course with pre-nursing students as they prepare for admission to an accelerated online BSN program.

The results of this study will inform the intensity of future efforts by academic nurse educators to make pre-nursing students aware of mental health resources.”
— Regina Wilder Urban, PhD, MSN, BSN
University of Texas at Arlington

Sigma/Council for Advancement of Nursing Science Grant

Stephanie Buxhoeveden, MSN, BSN (Gamma Omega Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Exploring Biomarkers of Sex-Based Disparities in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
This project will correlate mRNA and miRNA levels in males and females with relapsing MS using advanced RNA-seq and NanoString technology to better understand the role epigenetic changes (dysregulated miRNAs) have on gene expression.

Sigma/Emergency Nurses Association Foundation Grant

Denise Downey, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, CPEN (USA)

Title of Project: Describing Pediatric ED Staffing Models and Unit Characteristics
The purpose of the study is to explore and describe how pediatric ED nurse leaders across the United States are utilizing models of care delivery to inform and create optimal nurse staffing models to support the pediatric ED environment.

Sigma/Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation End of Life Nursing Care Research Grant

Megan Thomas Hebdon, PhD, DNP, RN (USA)

Title of Project: A Dual Role: Nurses as Family Caregivers
The purpose of this study is to understand the emotional and financial wellbeing for nurses who balance the dual caregiving role of “nurse” and “family caregiver,”(referred as dual role caregiver henceforth) and develop a stakeholder-informed dual role caregiver support intervention prototype. 

Sigma/Midwest Nursing Research Society Research Grant

Ali Salman, PhD, DNP, RN (Alpha Mu Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Psychosocial Predictors of Risky Sexual Behaviors for HIV/AIDS Prevention Among African American College Students
The purpose of this study is to examine the relationships between HIV/AIDS preventive self-efficacy, spiritual well-being, depression, and risky sexual behaviors among African American college students, and to test the predictive role of HIV/AIDS preventive self-efficacy, spiritual well-being, and depression on risky sexual behaviors among African American college students.

Sigma/National Association of Hispanic Nurses Research Grant

Karen Moore, DNP, APRN, ANP-BC (Delta Lambda at-Large Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: Utilization of Palliative Care Supportive Services in Latinx and African American Communities: The Impact of Foundational Causes of Disparities on End-of-Life Choices
The purpose of this study will be to utilize logistic regression and variables modeled from the Theory of Fundamental Causes by Link and Phelan (1995), to explore the foundational tenets of health disparities.

Sigma/National League for Nursing Grant

Vincenza Coughlin, MS, RNC-MNN, CNE, NPD-BC, (Alpha Omega, Upsilon Chapters, USA)

Title of Project: Examining Construct Validity of the Nursing Education and Competency Algorithm (NE-CA)   
The purpose of this study is to validate the NE-CA as a reliable tool that can provide purpose and structure for the competency vetting process at health care institutions. 

Sigma/Southern Nursing Research Society Grant

Brittany Drazich, PhD, MSN, BSN (Pi at-Large Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: A Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Based Bicycle Activity for Low-Income Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Feasibility Pilot Study
The overarching purpose of this study is to determine the feasibility of a fully immersive virtual reality based bicycle physical activity intervention for low-income older adults; assess the preliminary effects of the intervention on physical activity; and depressive symptoms.

Sigma/Western Institute of Nursing Research Grant

Rebecca Benfield, PhD, BSN, Zeta Kappa Chapter, USA)

Title of Project: An Immersion Intervention for Symptoms of PTSD in Student Veterans
This proposal will explore the psychophysiological effects of water immersion on student Veterans who experience symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and potential comorbid depression, anxiety and pain. Quantitative and qualitative findings from this pilot study will confirm interpretation and inform future intervention study designs for this population.