Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy 


The Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy is used by Sigma to underwrite up to 75 percent of the annual Sigma membership fees of those requiring financial assistance.

Stipends are furnished on a confidential basis. A minimum of US $10,000 will be allocated to the program each year, and no more than 10 members of a chapter or an at-Large chapter may benefit from the initiative. Policies governing the subsidies are completely at the discretion of the Sigma Foundation for Nursing Board of Directors.

Beneficiaries of this program may include but are not limited to:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students invited to join Sigma who attest that they do not have the means to pay their international/chapter induction or membership fees in their entirety. (This does not include charges for induction dinners, membership keys, honor cords or other non-dues assessments.)
  • New or existing Sigma members residing outside of the United States in countries designated as middle or low-income by the World Bank who find it difficult if not impossible to fulfill their membership obligations.
  • Members undergoing temporary financial hardships who require assistance in order to continue their active membership.

The Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy is funded by donations to the Sigma Foundation for Nursing's Leadership Fund. When possible, we encourage past subsidy recipients and chapters to donate to the Foundation's Leadership Fund. Also, the Foundation may contact current subsidy recipients to seek testimonials to share with the Foundation's Leadership Fund donors.