Orchid Society Members

Vaughan-Wrobel, Beth

“I am pleased to provide a planned gift through the Orchid Society. I believe STTI is a unique organization that supports the important work of nurses worldwide.”

— Beth C. Vaughan-Wrobel
     EdD, RN
     1991-1993 STTI President
The list below consists of Orchid Society members. This prestigious group of nurses and friends of nursing from around the world have made provisions for the Foundation to receive a planned gift. 

Jerico Gamiao Alicante 
 Linda Casale 
Lillian G Douglass 
Ed Hales 
Joan M Hall 
Ann Harley*
Donna Hill Howes
Marita B Hoffart
Barbara Innes
Lynn Lambuth
Kathryn M Moore
Jeanne Morrison
Susan R Opas
Ellen L Palmer
Betty S Parker
Mary Rose Smochek
Beth C Vaughan-Wrobel
Benson C Wright