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The Joy of GivingThe Joy of Giving

30th International Research Congress Leadership Education Grant Recipients

This biennium, Sigma members, chapters, and friends of nursing can infuse joy through philanthropy and celebrate Sigma as a 100th Anniversary donor.  By contributing US $100 or more to Sigma Foundation for Nursing, you’ll be recognized and celebrated as a 100th Anniversary donor during the 46th Biennial Convention, while helping to ensure that resources are available to all generations of nurses.

Honor the six nursing student leaders who founded Sigma in 1922 when you:

  • Sustain grants and programs that will continue to prepare nurses to improve global health when you donate to the Future Fund.
  • Empower hundreds of nurse leaders around the world through membership subsidies and leadership education grants when you donate to the Leadership Fund.
  • Ensure Sigma remains the leader in global nursing research when you donate to the Research Permanent Fund.

Sigma Foundation for Nursing

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