Leadership education grants help members like Jordan attend Sigma conferences to disseminate their work and expand their professional network. These grants are only possible with donations to the Foundation.

“Without the grant, I could not possibly have presented my paper; learned the latest trends, issues, and updates in health care delivery system; and met diverse nursing professionals from around the globe. This opportunity opened a lot of doors for my personal and professional development."


2021 International Nursing Research Congress

Thanks to the Sigma Foundation for Nursing's generous donors, leadership education grants were awarded to the following applicants to assist with registration expenses.

Edith Anderson Leadership Education Grant Recipients

Amyela Adarlo, Gamma Alpha Chapter, USA
Ghareeb Bahari, Alpha Eta Chapter, Saudi Arabia
Marlyne Caronan-Javier, Nu Upsilon Chapter, USA
Lydia  Cristobal, Delta Mu Chapter, USA
Higinio Fernandez-Sanchez, Mu Sigma Chapter, USA
Mark Gabot, Nu Iota Chapter, USA
Joannes Hernandez, USA
Jiale  Hu, Gamma Omega Chapter, USA
Julie  Kennedy, Xi Pi Chapter, USA
Heerak Kim, Tau Chapter, USA
John Leger, Alpha Delta Chapter, USA
Sylvanus Mensah, Nu Beta at-Large Chapter, USA
Brenda  Moore, Beta Beta Chapter, USA
Tiffany Morris, Mu Tau Chapter, USA
Melissa Muddell, Nu Upsilon and Omicron Delta Chapters, USA
April Steele, Sigma Nu Chapter, Canada
Laura Taheny, Omega Epsilon at-Large Chapter, Ireland
Chin Hsing Tsai, Lambda Beta at-Large Chapter, Taiwan
Shyla Varghese, Nu Upsilon Chapter, USA
Trinidad Vazquez, Nu Upsilon Chapter, USA
Miriam Wagoro, Tau Lambda at-Large Chapter, Kenya
Shanshan Wang, Pi Iota Chapter, USA
Kelly Wild, Alpha Kappa at-Large Chapter, USA

Delta Theta Chapter Giving Circle Leadership Education Grant Recipients

These grants are made possible thanks to giving circle donors from the Delta Theta Chapter.

Chi-Wen Chen, Lambda Beta at-Large Chapter, Taiwan
Nompilo Dlamini, Chi Xi at-Large Chapter, Swaziland
Emmanuel Korsah, Chi Xi at-Large Chapter, South Africa
Ezinne Nwachukwu, Tau Lambda at-Large Chapter, Nigeria
Girlie Odonel, Psi Beta Chapter, Philippines
Ijeoma Okafor-Emeagha, Chi Omicron Chapter, Ghana
Rekha Timalsina, Phi Omega at-Large Chapter, Thailand


2019 45th Biennial Convention

Thank you for supporting these members to attend the 45th Biennial Convention in Washington D.C., USA.

Edith Anderson Leadership Education Grant Recipients

Gloria Achempim, Chi Omicron at-Large Chapter, Ghana
Aaron Alejandro, Psi Alpha at-Large Chapter, Australia
Beth Chiatti, Delta Tau at-Large, Nu Eta, and Phi Gamma Chapters, USA
Min Choi, Beta Kapa Chapter, USA
Alexandra Duke, Zeta Kappa and Gamma Tau at-Large Chapters, USA
Sohyun Kim, Gamma Chapter, USA
Anmol Minaz, Rho Delta Chapter, Pakistan
Faith Nawagi, Chi Xi at-Large Chapter, Uganda
Gina Nickels Nelson, Iota Nu at-Large Chapter, USA
Harshida Patel, Tau Omega Chapter, Sweden
William Rosa, Upsilon Chapter, USA
Samantha Smeltzer, Upsilon Phi Chapter, USA

Delta Theta Chapter Giving Circle Leadership Education Grant Recipients

This grant is made possible thanks to donations from members of the Delta Theta Chapter Giving Circle.

Lorena Sanchez, Upsilon Nu Chapter, Colombia

Dr. Doris Froebe Leadership Education Grant Recipient

Stanley Rungua, Zeta Gamma Chapter, Kenya

Omicron Delta Leadership Education Grant Recipients

This grant is made possible thanks to a donation from Omicron Delta Chapter. 

Stefany Ortega-Perez, Upsilon Nu Chapter, Colombia


Want to know more about the ways you can fund these grants? Contact Foundation staff at foundation@sigmanursing.org, 888.634.7575 (US/Canada toll-free), or +1.317.634.8171 (International) for more information.