Sigma Launches New Brand at 44th Biennial Convention

One of the highlights of the 44th Biennial Convention was the unveiling of an effort years in the making – the new Sigma brand.

After 95 years, the reputation of our organization is stronger than ever. Freshening our look and language is a great way to prepare us for even more success in the future, and we want to make sure that everyone understands how to help us in this rebranding effort.

All this began with a brand study that revealed ways to bring strategic direction to the Sigma brand. We want to ensure we stand out against other nursing organizations and reduce the potential of being misperceived as a fraternal, social, or academic-only organization. The Board of Directors and leadership team have worked diligently to address what was learned, and to develop the new look and feel for Sigma that will serve us well for years to come.

We still are, and will remain, an honor society. But we’re now welcoming you to call us what you’ve been calling us already: Sigma. In addition, Nursing Knowledge International will now be Sigma Marketplace and the Foundation will be Sigma Foundation for Nursing.

The Sigma Logo
This primary logo replaces the old Sigma Theta Tau International logo containing the crest.

As the historic and cross-cultural symbol of honor and excellence, the laurel branch is a perfect fit for Sigma. In our logo, it’s placed above our name and modified by breaking into three individual leaves at the end of the branch. We have also added the descriptor line, “Global Nursing Excellence,” which concisely conveys who we are and what we do.

It’s important to note the crest is not going away. The crest remains as a seal of honor and distinction. Going forward, it will be reserved for use by members and placed on sacred membership materials, such as your membership certificate, coat of arms plaque, and graduation stole.

Chapter Logos and Resources
As part of the rebranding effort, we will be creating Sigma logos for every active chapter. They will be available in the All Chapter Officers Workgroup in The Circle. In addition, you will find more valuable resources, including:

  • Chapter Brand Guide
  • Letterhead and other templates
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • And more

More resources will be added in the coming months.​

You may begin using the new Sigma and chapter logos immediately. Organization-wide, this rebranding is a two-biennia (four-year) process. The new brand was unveiled at the 44th Biennial Convention. The 45th Biennial Convention, in 2019, will mark the halfway point in the process. All materials will be updated with the new Sigma logo by the 46th Biennial Convention in 2021, just prior to the organization’s 100th Anniversary.

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