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Are you creating your resume or CV? Preparing for a job interview? Need general career advice? We can help! From resume resources and job interview tips to career advice and portfolio development, Sigma can help you stand out in a crowd and land your dream nursing job.


Need advice for getting ahead at work?

It’s normal to be excited, nervous, and anxious as you start your career as a nurse.

To navigate these feelings, we think it’s important for student and early career nurses to hear from other nurses who are in a similar situation and life stage. So, we asked some of Sigma’s early career nurses to share advice on how to navigate the “real world” of nursing. (Hint: You need to take care of YOU—not just your patients!)

From things they wish they wouldn't have avoided, to valuable habits that help in times of stress, find out what they wish they had learned earlier in their careers.

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Resume, CV, portfolio. What's the difference?

  • Resume: Document that notes career facts. Concise, succinct, directed.
  • Curriculum Vitae: Components of your resume but has more details. Guided by organization’s format. Includes more about you: educational background, research, grants received, awards, honors, professional membership organizations.
  • Portfolio: A set of documents. Your evidence that supports your career. A career repository. Can be paper-based, web-based, or a combo of both.

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Stressing over a job interview?

  • Prepare: Research the company, practice responding to common questions, and arrive early.
  • Stand out: Have confidence, be honest, show pride, and ask questions.
  • Virtual interviews: Check your internet connection and equipment, find a quiet location, silence notifications.
  • Leave an impression: Don't forget to send a thank you email after the interview! This is also your chance to ask any follow-up questions.

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