Tanya Arbour

Nursing Student

Tanya Arbour in her scrubs with a stethoscope.

After years of personal health struggles and receiving exceptional care from nurses along the way, Tanya Arbour decided she wanted to become a nurse. She is currently in her final semester of her BScN program and is part of the Iota Omicron Chapter of Sigma. This year, she is one recipient of the Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy.

Continuing her Sigma membership has already allowed Tanya to keep up with current research using access to nursing journals. Once she is settled in her nursing career, Tanya hopes to be more involved in Sigma and to take advantage of the many member benefits, like networking, conferences and conventions, and continuing nursing education (CNE) opportunities. 

Patient-centered care is her passion. Tanya is completing her integrative practicum on the vascular/cardiology unit, and though she has developed a great interest in cardiovascular health, her great love is patient care. “When I walk into a patient’s room, I feel like I am in my element,” she said.

“This subsidy has meant the world to me,” Tanya said. “After having to take some time off from my nursing studies due to personal health reasons, I fell on harder times financially. With the help of this subsidy, I was able to maintain my membership in Sigma. I am truly grateful to all the donors who made this possible.” 

To learn more about empowering nurses like Tanya, visit SigmaNursing.org/Foundation.