Sharon Latimer


Landscape photo of Sharon Latimer

Growing up in the 1970s, Sharon Latimer often accompanied her mother, a nurse, at work on the weekends. “During these visits, I loved speaking to patients and hearing about their life. I was also amazed by the important care nurses delivered to patients. This experience made me realize I wanted to help people when they were unwell and at their most vulnerable.”

As a nurse researcher, Sigma was a natural fit for Sharon. “I wanted to join an international nursing organization to expand my education, nursing, and research networks, and to be inspired by nursing leaders.” And Sharon’s current role at Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) gives her the opportunity to combine clinical practice and research, expanding her reach to care for vulnerable populations. “I enjoy educating undergraduate and post-graduate nurses because this is my opportunity to influence the next nursing generation and patient care. I also love collaborating with clinicians on research projects in the area of medication safety and pressure injury prevention.”

To assist Sharon in her research pursuits, she was awarded a Small Research Grant by Sigma for her study to implement a patient-centered pressure injury prevention care bundle. This study is an extension of her previous work. “In 2016 I completed my PhD on patient participation in their pressure injury prevention care. My research found that patients want to participate in their pressure injury prevention care, but they didn’t know how or what to do.” Her current study will actively engage patients in their own care to reduce pressure injuries.

Speaking to the importance of these grants for nurse researchers, Sharon says, “Safe, evidence-based patient care is central to nursing work; however, gathering this evidence can be time-consuming. Research grants like those from Sigma are critical in driving the nursing research agenda and help us find the answers to our vital clinical questions and issues.”

Sharon’s grant is only possible thanks to donations from members and chapters to the Sigma Foundation for Nursing. Want to help more nurse researchers like Sharon contribute to nursing science? Donate today and designate it to research.