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Safia Khan



"I am so grateful for the Edith Anderson Membership subsidy! Without it, I would not have been able to apply and join Sigma. Sigma offers a variety of career, resume, and school help that has enabled me to become not only a great student, but future nurse as well! Sigma is perfect for me!" said Safia Khan, who with help from the Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy, joined Sigma last year. Khan will be graduating May 2018 with a dual degree in nursing and psychology and is hard at work on her honors capstone project, which is focused on the effects of physical activity on diabetes distress symptoms (such as depression and fatigue). 

Khan felt that nursing was a fit for her because it requires constant learning and hard work, but is also rewarding for both the nurse and patient. The interaction between the nurse and patient and the bond that is formed is something that Khan’s is most gratified by. “The most enjoyable moments have been the wishes of gratitude and ‘good luck’ from the patients I have worked with so far during clinicals and my workplace. It feels good to know that I am appreciated by others for my hard work, and it encourages me to further advance my nursing career.” said Khan.

It's Khan’s dedication and hard work that make her not only a natural fit for nursing, but also an ideal Sigma member. Sigma’s reputation is strong in the Chicago area where Khan attends school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In part because of Sigma’s reputation, Khan feels “Sigma provides invaluable opportunities for nurses (both current and future) to further their careers academically, socially, and professionally.”

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