Rehema Mligo


Photo of Rehema Mligo

Rehema Mligo started her training as a nurse at the Peramiho School of Nursing (Tanzania). Her decision to pursue nursing was influenced by watching her mother care for others. She believes she was called to this vocation to care for sick people and have a positive impact on her community.

She was inducted into Sigma’s virtual Phi Gamma Chapter in 2018. Sigma’s reputation as an innovative organization at the forefront of nursing made a strong impression on her and led to her desire to join. The access to a career in education, recognition, and professional development opportunities she received through Sigma were important to her career goals.

In her current role as a nurse tutor with the Ministry of Health in Tanzania, Rehema can make a positive impact on those in her community. She knows that what she does will improve the lives of patients and influence other caregivers in her country. When asked what she enjoys most about her current work, she shares, “I enjoy proper management of patients and seeing what I do prevent disease.”

Rehema found her past experiences and observations of clinical instructors interacting with nursing students disappointing. She encountered poor practices in training that are not in the best interest of furthering nursing and patient care. Her observations drive her to find ways to create a positive learning environment for students training in their formative years.

This year, Rehema was awarded a Small Research Grant from Sigma to pursue this focus area and improve the learning environment for nursing students in Tanzania. Her study will identify the most effective formal training in instructional methodologies to ensure graduates have the skills they need and understand their role in patient care.

Funding for Rehema’s study is only possible because of donations from members and chapters made to the Sigma Foundation for Nursing. To those who are supporting her work, Rehema has a message for you: “My heartfelt thanks to you again and again. Without you it would not be possible for me to finish my PhD. I will join you as a donor one day to ensure students and all researchers can pursue meaningful studies.”

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