Marthalynn Rodriguez


Marthalynn Rodriguez

Marthalynn Rodriguez, BSN, RN, is a new graduate and member of Sigma’s Pi Gamma Chapter. She finished her final semester like many students—virtually—because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In August, she will begin her residency in the Adult ICU of Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

“Like many parents right now, I find myself in the role of teacher, facilitator, coach, and motivator for my children’s education,” she said. “My routine these days consists of mathematics, language arts, foreign language, and STEM activities with my first and fourth graders. Luckily, I had completed most of my clinical hours prior to the pandemic, so other than my nursing lectures and exams moving to an online format, my schooling didn’t change too much. I am being intentional about taking time to spend in nature, bond with my family, and help others in my community.”

Marthalynn’s greatest challenge right now is that she misses the connection she had with her classmates and professors. They had no idea the last time they were together in class that they may not see each other again. “Not being able to say a proper goodbye or to mark our transition into nursing has been difficult.”

In 2000, Marthalynn graduated with a degree in Human Resources and Human Services. Then she worked as a medical assistant for 10 years. After her first child was born, she became a stay-at-home parent. After her youngest entered kindergarten, she started to pursue her dream of becoming a registered nurse. Her dream stems from the births of her children and her parents’ deaths, she said. They “highlighted the profound role of nurses in both ushering in life, navigating a respectful death, and everything in between. I knew I wanted to play a role where I would have such an important impact in people’s lives.” She finds the most enjoyable part of nursing is working with a talented and intelligent team of professions sharing the common goal of providing patients with the very best care.

Since joining Sigma in 2019, she has served as a Student Leadership Intern for the Pi Gamma Chapter and will serve on the chapter’s Student Engagement Committee in the coming year. Marthalynn attended the 45th Biennial Conference in November 2019. It showed her the many contributions Sigma nurses make all over the world. She is excited to follow in their footsteps. To sum up her Sigma experience so far, she said, “I have been inspired to reach higher and to continue setting career goals even as I achieve them.”

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