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Laura Price

Home Care Aide, CNA, BSN


Chi Mu Chapter member Laura Price has dedicated her life to providing unique and specific care for her patients while striving for excellence in her nursing career. So, when she was invited to join Sigma, she was thrilled―until she realized the cost of obtaining membership. “Being dedicated to the nursing program at California Baptist University (CBU) full-time resulted in my being unable to work often, leaving the opportunity to join Sigma out of reach at the time,” Laura says. “After visiting the website, however, I discovered some of the financial assistance opportunities Sigma offers, namely the Edith Anderson Membership Grant! Being chosen for this grant has enabled me to gain membership, attend the March 2018 induction ceremony and continue enriching my nursing career".

Albeit new to Sigma, her dedication to providing care for others is not. From a young age, Laura has felt the call to care for others in their time of need, beginning with the care of her grandparents. Around the same time, Laura had decided she wanted to go into the nursing profession and began volunteering at her local hospital. The volunteer experience that started before even applying to nursing programs provided Laura with her initial experience of patient care and further solidified her career choice.

By the time she had finished her first semester at CBU, she had decided to pursue her CNA certification, so she could obtain a more hands-on experience in caring for patients. She hasn't stopped there, however. She also earned her Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and CPR certifications, and is currently a caregiver preceptor and home care aide at Livingston Caregivers. "It felt natural to care for others, and throughout my life, I have continued to receive confirmation that nursing is indeed my true calling," says Laura.

As Laura continues to elevate her nursing career, she is most excited to continue building rapport with her patients and learning about providing patient-specific care. "Each patient’s condition is unique, and providing them with patient-specific care is how I can improve their overall health condition," says Laura. "Sigma is a big part of that, as I now have the opportunity to be a part of an organization that recognizes the value of scholarship and excellence in nursing."

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