Jordan Tovera Salvador



It started with a scholarship grant. Originally wanting to be a medical doctor, Pi Iota and Alpha Eta Chapter member Dr. Jordan Salvador found himself the recipient of a full scholarship to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Immediately, he knew everything was going to get better. “I came from a family with an average socioeconomic status and life hasn’t always been easy without money. As soon as I was offered the scholarship grant for full tuition in the BSN program at the Saint Francis of Assisi College in Las Piñas, Philippines, though, I began to have hope that everything would change.”

And change it did. After receiving his nursing license in 2007, Jordan began working in the Male Medical surgical ward at the Associated Marine Officers’ and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines-Seamen’s Hospital (AMOSUP Seamen’s) in Manila, Philippines. While employed, he was awarded a second, full-tuition scholarship grant that allowed him to enroll in a Master of Arts in Nursing program, with a focus in Nursing Administration. Jordan completed his master’s program in two years, earning both his MA in Nursing as well as a promotion to Intensive Care Unit Manager at AMOSUP Seamen’s. Still feeling that pull toward greatness, Jordan began his first PhD journey with his third scholarship grant — one that fully funded his PhD program at Philippine Women’s University Manila. In 2014, Jordan graduated and earned his doctorate, passing his PhD program and received an invitation to join the ranks of great nurse leaders, researchers, and clinicians from around the world through Sigma’s Pi Iota Chapter in Hong Kong. He would later earn his second PhD from Saint Paul University Manila, graduating summa cum laude in Nursing Education, focusing on Educational Leadership and Management.

Even though he was excited by the invitation and gladly joined Sigma, Jordan didn’t get too involved or engage much with his chapter at first. That all changed when he was able to meet past Sigma Chief Executive Officer Dr. Patricia Thompson and past Sigma President Dr. Hester C. Klopper during the Inaugural Asia Regional Conference held in Yerevan, Armenia, in 2015, where he was one of the plenary speakers. “I was moved and astonished with how these nursing leaders were able to advance world health and celebrate nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service.” He continues, “The love and passion for the profession radiates from these leaders; seen in the ways they speak and interact with members. I really admired them and wanted to be them.”

This moment acted as a catalyst for Jordan, as he realized his desire to inspire and lead future generations of nurses, igniting the same passion for the nursing profession in others that had been ignited for him. “I want the younger generations to know that all things are possible as long as we act on them. You can make a difference as long as you have the love, passion, and dedication to serve others.” With that thought in mind, Jordan accepted a lecturer post position at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (formerly the University of Dammam) in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He worked his way up and is presently one of the youngest assistant professors and PhD holders there. Further, he was also a key force (and the only Filipino) who led the national college accreditation charge for Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, receiving full accreditation status in 2017. He has been appointed as the Chairperson for Quality Assurance and Accreditation unit, is a Supervisor for the Examination and Assessment unit, and has been awarded a fellowship in Quality in Healthcare by the International Society of Quality in Healthcare (ISQua).

When asked what he enjoys most about his work today, his answer echoes what he’s most passionate about in the profession: education and research. “As a nurse educator, I enjoy mentoring and coaching future nurses, whether in education, practice, or research. I also enjoy presenting my own research projects and works in various nursing conferences around the world and meeting, building professional networks, and lifelong friendships with my fellow Sigma members.” He also makes time to give back to those in both his geographical and professional communities, as a way to honor those who came before him while providing leadership to those who will come after. “Although I currently work in Saudi Arabia, I make sure that whenever I’m back in the Philippines, I organize and conduct mentoring sessions for young nurses to help encourage their initiatives and active volunteerism with projects that promote healthy and advance nursing as a profession.”

Even though he exudes this leadership style in everything he does, Jordan still claims he can’t take all the credit. “Sigma motivated me to walk the talk and start doing something for others. For me, Sigma isn’t just a nursing organization, but a newfound family that develops nurses to be the leaders of today and tomorrow. Sigma will continue to grow because of its passionate leaders who believe in the potentials of its members — myself included.”