George Williams Chale Pool

Undergraduate Student


The power of social media has played a significant role for George Chale Pool, a Sigma member and nursing intern in Mexico. It was just a few months ago when Pool discovered Sigma on social media channels. He quickly realized he had a deep interest in the organization and wanted to connect with other nurse leaders. 

With a passion for helping others and improving global health, Pool felt called to the field. He enrolled in nursing school and quickly realized he could help the university reach new heights by offering additional resources to nursing students. Specifically, he wanted to bring leadership development opportunities to his campus. He relied heavily on his Sigma membership and the provided tools to start cultivating a robust community of student nurses who wanted to excel beyond the classroom. 

His interest in global initiatives and nursing excellence served as a platform to propel his peers to a path of success. Pool made a decision that ultimately changed his university’s nursing program forever. Inspired by Sigma’s mission and his own personal values, he founded the Mexican Nursing Students Association (MNSA) . 

Combined with his commitment to advancing student nurses and smart social media tactics, Pool has seen a significant interest about MNSA. Through his dedication to student nurse leadership and the new-found association, he has been fortunate to see, firsthand, the major developments and advancements in extracurricular involvement on his campus. The success stories of his peers have been one of the most rewarding parts of his academic career.  

In addition to his role as MNSA’s president, his Sigma membership, and dedicating time to his studies and internship, Pool finds the time to serve his community as a youth ambassador of My World Mexico and a supporter of Nursing Now.