Faith Nawagi

BSN, RN, PGDcert Clin.Epi, MIPH

Faith Nawagi

Sigma nurse Faith Nawagi, BSN, RN, PGDcert Clin.Epi, MIPH, is promoting collaboration among organizations, nursing training institutions and hospitals from different countries and regions to ensure knowledge and skill-sharing as a conduit for quality nursing education.

 “Global exposure in health professional training is a key component in promoting transformative educational approaches through short-term electives. Through these placements, many nursing students from abroad have learned through observerships, ward rounds, and supervised assistantships in inpatient care,” Faith explained.

Although African countries frequently host nursing students, few African nursing students can participate in these programs in other countries due to the high costs. To address this gap, GEMx®―the Global Educational Exchanges in Medicine and the Health Professions―a service of the Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG®), launched a South-South student nursing exchange model in partnership with the African Forum for Research and Education in Health (AFREhealth). “The aim of this initiative is to facilitate accessible and affordable exchange opportunities for African nursing students to gain global exposure through regional mobility, South-South exchange model,” Faith said.

Based on feedback to expand this program outside of Africa, Faith saw Sigma as a natural place to explore the program’s growth. “Sigma has an extensive presence globally, and it is an excellent organization to explore the possibility of a global nursing elective network,” she said. Sigma’s 45th Biennial Convention was the perfect opportunity to gauge other people’s interest in the program.

Faith received a leadership education grant from the Sigma Foundation for Nursing to assist with the cost of travel and attending Convention. Speaking to the importance of Sigma and this grant, Faith shared,  “I appreciate the opportunity to attend this convention. Sigma is a place that allows nurses to explore their potential and understand that they are limitless.”

At Sigma’s biennial convention, Faith co-presented the session “Enhancing Global Exposure for African Nursing Students Through Regional Partnerships” and exhibited in order to increase the programs’ exposure to nurses and healthcare professionals from other regions. This has allowed Faith and her colleague to make several new contacts with nursing leaders from schools and other healthcare settings to create a global network.

The grant Faith received to attend the 45th Biennial Convention was made possible by donors to the Sigma Foundation for Nursing. If you would like to help more Sigma nurses like Faith participate in Sigma events, donate today.