Evalyn Abalos


Evalyn Abalos

While attending the 45th Biennial Convention in Washington, DC, USA, representing Sigma’s Psi Beta Chapter, Evalyn Abalos, PhD, RN, heard Sigma President Richard Ricciardi speak at the closing plenary. “As I went back to the Philippines, I brought with me President Ricciardi’s Call to Action to Infuse Joy. In my country, I can contribute to a positive  workplace culture so I must be intentional in my actions to spread joy and enable others to infuse joy in the workplace,” she said.

Evalyn practices this by leading an authentic life and taking care to practice her values consistently to ensure she creates a pleasing work environment. She is also developing her mentoring skills to help others see the best in themselves, because “When people are inspired and happy, they make others happy, too.”

Another way she is working to infuse joy in the workplace is through improved communications. She admits some conversations are by nature confrontational. However, she believes that by taking the time to listen to the viewpoints of others, conflicts can be more easily resolved.

In her current role as an Associate Professor in the Graduate Program of Silliman University (Philippines), she is making contributions to the nursing profession by educating in health leadership and governance. As part of her commitment, she serves on the Technical Committee for Nursing Education with the Commission on Higher Education for the Republic of the Philippines and as the Chair of the Leadership Succession Committee for Psi Beta Chapter.

Evalyn was the recipient of a leadership education grant from the Sigma Foundation for Nursing. This grant assisted her with expenses for Sigma’s 45th Biennial Convention. “Coming from a middle-income country, it would have been impossible for me to attend this convention without the generous financial support.” These grants are only possible with donations from members like you. If you want to help more Sigma nurses like Evalyn participate in Sigma events, donate today