Virtual Mini Academy: Writing for Clinical Nurses


Applications for the next cohort will open on 25 January 2023

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Learn more about Sigma's virtual mini academy focused on writing

Sigma's virtual mini academy is focused on helping nurses develop their writing skills at various stages in their professional career. This academy is short (approximately 4-6 weeks long), and participants will meet virtually (via Zoom) up to 10 times.

The Virtual Mini Academy: Writing for Clinical Nurses will focus on the following objectives:

  • Learn the steps in the publication process, including finding and refining an idea, determining the best publication outlet, organizing your article, and writing content that readers will remember
  • Construct a work plan to assist in the development of a article for publication at through an association, organization, or facility 
  • Actively participate in critical evaluation and feedback of self and others in relation to writing development 

Program Dates for 2023 Cohort

  • Coming soon

Applications open 25 January 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fees and Anticipated Costs

There is a one-time fee listed below:

Active Sigma Members: US $50
Non-Sigma Members: US $150

Who should apply?

This virtual mini academy is designed for nurses seeking assistance in starting their writing journey. More specifically, it is for clinical nurses that are new to publications of for nurses who have a desire to be published as a single goal or as a component to another goal (i.e., promotion and/or tenure)

Additionally, this is an excellence opportunity for nurses at all degree levels who have completed "works" (e.g., evidence-based project, quality improvement, or grant) with the next step being dissemination in published form. These participants can include, but not limited to:

  • Students of all educational levels
  • Novice beginner writers
  • Nurses in diverse professional roles


Although not a required textbook, this virtual mini academy follows many of the guidelines in the book Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses, Fourth Edition, by advisor Cindy Saver.

What is the difference between Virtual Academy and the Virtual Mini Academy?

The Sigma Virtual Academy and Sigma Virtual Mini Academy are both held over Zoom; however, there are a few important differences.

  • The Virtual Mini Academy takes place over six (6) weeks and is a more rigorous curriculum.
  • The Virtual Mini Academy is designed for working practice professionals that are looking to develop their skills to advance professionally.

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