Participants have been selected for this academy. We anticipate opening applications for the next cohort in September 2020. If you would like to receive a notification when we begin taking applications, please contact us at

Academy Purpose and Overview

While Sigma recognizes all nurses are leaders, this academy is not focused on leadership development. The focus of this academy is on enhancing the skills and teaching knowledge of those who do not have formalized educational background in nursing education, but who teach in a classroom and or clinical setting. Through the academy, participants will be given the tools and resources to develop new teaching skills and refine and bolster confidence in current skills. 

Scholars accepted into the academy will participate in an in-person, 2 ½ day intensive, up to two monthly web-based learning activities, interactive virtual and live discussions, and networking and collaborative opportunities. 

The academy curriculum is mapped to the World Health Organization (WHO) Nurse Educator Core Competencies, the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) graduate competencies, the Nursing Professional Development Certification test blueprint, and the National League for Nursing’s Certified Nurse Educator® and the Academic Clinical Nurse Educator Certification (CNE®cl) test blueprints. 

The Nurse Educator Development Academy is a 12-month mentored experience.

The goal of the academy is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools to:

  • Become a facilitator of online and classroom learning.
  • Effectively function within education and healthcare environments.
  • Successfully use assessment and evaluation strategies to enhance processes and outcomes.
  • Participate in curriculum design and development, and program outcome implementation and evaluation.
  • Incorporate the use of technology, including simulation, in preparing students or nurses for nursing practice.
  • Integrate multidisciplinary professionals into educational programs.

The Nurse Educator Development Academy will focus on key areas of education development, including but not limited to: 

  • Role transition
  • Scarcity of clinical experiences
  • Designing curriculum
  • Education techniques
  • Test construction and evaluation
  • Facilitating learning

“It [Sigma’s Academy] equipped me with the tools and the confidence to shatter a perceived glass ceiling. It catapulted me to function on a much higher level, and it also widened my professional network.”

Leann Horsley, PhD, RN, CHSE, CNE

Scholars accepted into the Nurse Educator Development Academy will:

  • Select an academy mentor to guide them through their leadership development and project planning, development, and implementation processes.
  • Attend and actively participate in the 2 ½ days intensive launch event in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sigma will make every effort to hold in person training. In the event of continued travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the intensive training will be presented virtually.
  • Communicate monthly, at a minimum, with academy mentor.
  • Attend at least one monthly topic webinar/educational presentations for the Nurse Educator Development Academy and complete assigned educational activities.

  • Design, manage, and implement a new teaching-related strategy or method.

  • Disseminate project outcomes, sustainability, and/or improved educational skills and acumen, related to Nurse Educator Development Academy experience in conjunction with Sigma staff.