Sigma is evaluating its 12-month academies and is no longer accepting applications. To stay informed on academy updates, please complete the interest form. Sigma is continuing to offer many virtual academies in a variety of topics and focus areas. We encourage you to apply for one of these opportunities. 

Academy Purpose and Overview

This academy is focused on enhancing the leadership skills and career trajectory of those with six or more years of academic appointment. Through the academy, participants will be given the tools and resources to develop new leadership skills and refine and bolster confidence in current skills.

Focused on leadership, the Experienced Academic Leadership Academy offers an evidence-based curriculum specifically tailored to the essentials of leadership development for more experienced academics. Those scholars accepted into the academy will participate in a 2 ½ day intensive, monthly web-based learning activities which offer interactive opportunities for discussion, networking, and collaboration, and participation in a mentored leadership project. The academy is driven by individual leadership progression and skill implementation through practice. 

The academy curriculum is mapped to the World Health Organization (WHO) Nurse Educator Core Competencies, the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) graduate competencies, and the National League for Nursing’s Certified Nurse Educator® test blueprint.

The Experienced Academic Leadership Academy is a 12-month mentored-leadership experience.

The goal of the academy is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools to be:

  • Competent academic nurse leaders who possess knowledge and skills to participate in productive collegial and interdisciplinary collaborations that advance the institutional philosophy, mission, and vision
  • Knowledgeable leaders who seek to develop further leadership practices and behaviors that facilitate the achievement of strategic institutional goals
  • Culturally sensitive leaders that demonstrate integrity and values diversity in the institution and profession
  • Accountable leaders who solicit feedback on existing and emerging leadership skills and uses input to continuously improve performance
  • Ethical decision-makers who use leadership skills to advance individual and institutional goals related to teaching, scholarship, and service

The Experienced Academic Leadership Academy will focus on key areas of leadership development, including but not limited to: 

  • Leadership theory
  • Scholarly writing
  • Career Legacy
  • Visioning
  • Emotional Intelligence

“I think [Sigma’s Academy] is a great place for people who have been involved in academia for a long time to reboot, re-kick, rejuvenate, and kind of reflect, to give yourself credit for prior work you may have forgotten about. It rekindles you and allows you that opportunity.”

Caroline Peltz, PhD, RN, MSHSA, CNE

Scholars accepted into the Experienced Academic Leadership Academy will:

  • Select a mentor who will guide them through their leadership development journey over the 12-month period (If needed, Sigma can assist in locating a mentor)
  • Communicate monthly, at a minimum, with their mentor
  • Attend one of the three offered Orientation meetings scheduled for the following dates:
    • 12 April 2023 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time
    • 12 April 2023 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time
    • 13 April 2023 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Actively participate in a 2 ½ day intensive event during the academy. This Intensive will be led by leaders and education experts from academe and clinical practice. Scholars will attend the intensive virtually. Intensive dates are scheduled for:
    • 11-13 May 2023 
  • Design a personal leadership development plan based upon leadership self-assessment findings with guidance from their mentor
  • Attend/participate in monthly webinar/educational presentations for Sigma Academies, as well as New Academic Leadership Academy per the Academy Schedule
  • Design, manage, and implement a team driven leadership project which meets the project criteria.
  • Disseminate improved leadership skills and acumen, related to the New Academic Leadership Academy experience at the Nurse Leaders Virtual Summit, scheduled for April 2024
  • Disseminate on project outcomes, process, sustainability, and/or personal leadership growth.