Call for Papers for Special JNS Issue:
Health and Conflict Situations

Manuscript Due: Deadline extended to 1 October 2018
Estimated Publication Date: Winter 2019

About the Special Issue

Public health as well as individual health is greatly influenced by the presence of conflict. Such conflict can have its source in inter-personal relations in families or communities, and is the often-unavoidable companion of natural or man-made disasters. Whether on the family level (domestic violence, firearm violence, etc.), on a community or country level (crime, riots, displacement, the effects of earthquakes or other natural disasters, etc.), or on an international level (as war and forced migration), all conflict in the individual or community’s environment has a profound impact on health. 

With conflicts multiplying and our world facing environmental degradation and growing inequalities, it seems of utmost importance for nurses to better grasp the impact conflict has upon the health of all — in particular, the health of women and children as well as the elderly and persons with chronic diseases. We also hope to assess and disseminate knowledge gained on how nursing and public health interventions may alleviate the destructive impact of different conflict situations. 

The Journal of Nursing Scholarship invites authors to submit original research manuscripts on health and conflict situations. We also request submissions for reviews that address how conflict situations influence health and nursing care.

Relevant research articles can address, but are not limited to:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research on experiences during or after different conflict situations
  • Ethical dilemmas related to care in situations of conflict
  • Descriptions and evaluations of interventions promoting health in conflict situations
  • Caring for the carers in conflict situations
  • Political and economic challenges in addressing health related needs during and post conflict

Submission Guidelines

Please refer to the special issue on Health and Conflict Situations in your cover letter.

Manuscripts should be submitted here.
Author guidelines are available here.

As you will see in reading the author guidelines, manuscripts must not exceed 20 pages, including abstract, body of text, references, tables, and figures. The author is responsible for compliance with APA format and for the accuracy of all information, including citations and verification of all references with citations in the text. Spelling may be in either American or British English.

Manuscript Due: 1 October 2018
Estimated Publication Date: Winter 2019

Guest Co-Editors

Dr. Miriam Hirschfeld, Editorial Board Member Journal of Nursing Scholarship

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