• Visionary Leadership in Healthcare: Excellence in Practice, Policy, and Ethics

    Visionary Leadership in Healthcare equips leaders to transform the current healthcare system to achieve a global, life-sustaining perspective by calling for a move away from hierarchical leadership to more engaged, inclusive, and caring leadership styles.

    Price: US $59.95 | ISBN: 9781-646480-21-0 | Release Date: 2022

  • Core Competencies of Civility in Nursing & Healthcare

    Incivility and other workplace aggressions have a significant impact on the lives of healthcare professionals, faculty, and students, as well as the patients and families in their care. Incivility in academic and practice environments can provoke uncertainty and self-doubt, weaken self-confidence, and cause detrimental and lasting effects on individuals, teams, and organizations. These behaviors can fracture relationships and result in life-threatening mistakes, preventable complications, harm, or even the death of a patient.

    In Core Competencies of Civility in Nursing & Healthcare, Cynthia Clark—a nurse-leader dedicated to organizational change and an unwavering advocate for civility and dignity for all—provides an abundance of practical solutions to create and sustain communities of civility, diversity, inclusion, and respect in academic and healthcare environments. Using a wealth of evidence-based interventions, hands-on tools, and scholarly resources, this book expands current thinking on the topic of civility to create and support healthy, productive work and learning environments for the benefit of all.

    Price: US $49.95 | ISBN: 9781-646480-25-8 | Release Date: 2022

  • Take Charge of Your Nursing Career, Second Edition

    Take Charge of Your Nursing Career, Second Edition, establishes a unique perspective from which to develop and manage your career from beginning to end. This valuable resource will give you insights and tools to help you navigate and thrive throughout the entire span of your nursing journey.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-646480-00-5 | Release Date: 2021

  • The Nurse Manager's Guide to Budgeting & Finance, 3rd edition

    Nurses focus on the art and science of caregiving, but nurse managers are faced with the economic reality of patient-staffing ratios, budgets, reports, and accounting. Acronyms such as FTEs and ADCs can feel like a foreign language, but thankfully, help is available. Updated to include details about key legislation that affects budgeting, The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Budgeting and Finance, 3rd edition, provides practical tools, tips, and strategies for running a unit that were not taught in nursing school.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-646480-15-9 | Release Date: 2021

  • Improving Nurse Retention & Healthcare Outcomes: Innovating With the IMPACT Model

    Improving Nurse Retention & Healthcare Outcomes will help clinical nurses understand how to elevate their practice as frontline care providers and give executives a new, strategic approach to nurse retention. Authors Judy Thomas and Mellisa Renter outline the IMPACT Model they created to stimulate empowerment and professional growth. In addition to explaining the program, how it works, and what it has achieved, this book provides an implementation path to make an immediate impact on nurse empowerment, engagement, and retention.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-646480-46-3 | Release Date: 2021

  • Self-Care for New and Student Nurses

    Self-Care for New and Student Nurses presents techniques to prepare you for stressors present now and those to come. No matter where you are in your nursing career, this book offers you multiple ways to prioritize your own mental, physical, and emotional health. Authors Dorrie K. Fontaine, Tim Cunningham, and Natalie B. May have enlisted a group of strong contributors, whose valuable tips and exercises will guide you to spot the stressors that lead to burnout; prioritize sleep, exercise, and nutrition; build your own toolkit of self-care practices; develop a resilient mindset; and establish boundaries.

    Price: US $59.95 | ISBN: 9781948057813 | Release Date: 2021

  • Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses, Fourth Edition

    If you need to make the leap from single sentences to a published manuscript, you will find valuable help and resources in this fully updated fourth edition of Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses. In this practical and useful guide, lead author and editor Cynthia Saver removes the fear and confusion surrounding the writing and publishing process. Along the way, 28 of nursing’s top writing experts and decision-makers share important insights to help you craft a quality manuscript and get it accepted for publication.

    Price: US $54.95 | ISBN: 9781-948057-91-2 | Release Date: 2021

  • The PEACE Model Evidence-Based Practice Guide for Clinical Nurses

    New York-Presbyterian Hospital, one of the nation’s most comprehensive academic healthcare delivery systems, uses the evidence-based practice PEACE model to prepare all its nurses and position them as essential to improving patient and family-centered care. Not surprisingly, the healthcare network has continuously delivered high quality care and improved patient outcomes. Now, nurses everywhere can replicate this highly successful model.


    Price: US $49.95 | ISBN: 9781646480104 | Release Date: 2021

  • High Reliability Organizations: A Healthcare Handbook for Patient Safety and Quality, Second Edition

    This fully revised edition of High Reliability Organizations: A Healthcare Handbook for Patient Safety & Quality presents practical examples of HRO principles in order to establish a system that detects and prevents errors from happening, even in the most difficult, high-risk conditions. Authors Cynthia Oster and Jane Braaten provide healthcare professionals with tools and best practices that will improve and enhance patient safety and quality outcomes. In this book, you will find an overview of HRO science as an organizing framework for quality and patient safety, practical applications of HRO science, and tools that can be applied to current quality and safety practices.

    Download a free sample chapter, instructor's guide, and student workbook from the Sigma Repository.

    Price: US $64.95 | ISBN: 9781948057776 | Release Date: 2020

  • Toxic Nursing: Managing Bullying, Bad Attitudes, and Total Turmoil, Second Edition

    Nursing has a not-so-secret problem.

    The profession is prone to—some would say thrives on—workplace conflict, incivility, bullying, and meanness. And while nurses observe and experience this conflict daily, too few have been trained in its resolution. Toxic Nursing aims to change that with strategies, tools, and techniques to help nurse leaders, managers, and administrators defuse conflict, turn around toxic situations, and create positive, healthy work environments. 

    Download a free sample chapter from the Sigma Repository.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781948057592 | Release Date: 2020

  • Etiquette and Communication Strategies for Nurses, Third Edition

    Professional etiquette and communication strategies can be tricky for professionals to navigate, especially for those working in healthcare. From handling business meetings to using smart devices to cultivating a career—professional etiquette is critical for personal and professional success at any career stage.

    This highly anticipated, fully revised, and expanded third edition of Etiquette and Communication Strategies for Nurses will prepare nurses to handle awkward and challenging situations, increase their confidence, enhance their reputation, and focus on their career aspirations. Using a conversational Q&A format, author Kathleen D. Pagana provides readers with the tools they need to become a polished, confident, professional.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781948057639 | Release Date: 2019

  • Critical Conversations in Healthcare, Second Edition

    Whether you are a new nurse or a healthcare facility CEO, you'll benefit from this fully revised second edition's practical approach to handling sensitive subjects such as gossip, harassment, and other tough topics. Chapters feature do's and don'ts, useful tools, scripts, and scenarios to facilitate better, more effective communication in healthcare settings.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781945157905 | Release Date: 2018

  • The Healthcare Executive's Guide to Navigating the Surgical Suite

    Surgical services carry some of the highest risks and rewards of all healthcare specialties. Authors Biala and Fitzpatick provide experienced and novice healthcare leaders with the information, leadership structures, and practical strategies needed to successfully oversee both patient outcomes and balance sheets.

    Price: US $44.95 | ISBN: 9781945157820 | Release Date: 2018

  • Redefining Retirement for Nurses: Finding Meaning in Retirement

    Through the shared stories of 26 retired nurses from around the world, you'll discover that the skills and achievements you have gained in nursing can form the foundation for a meaningful transition into retired life. Whether you are considering a second career, volunteer opportunities, travel, or spending time with family and friends, this book provides the advice and tools you'll need to create the retired life you envision.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781945157332 | Release Date: 2017

  • Business Basics for Nurses

    Written by successful nurse entrepreneur Suzanne Waddill-Goad, this practical guide establishes that the behind-the-scenes business of healthcare is just as important as clinical care. It's filled with tips, exercises, and real-world case studies that will give nurses a shortcut to understanding business processes. Start building your business acumen!

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781940446189 | Release Date: 2017

  • Developing a Residency in Post-Acute Care

    In this new book, Rutgers School of Nursing authors offer practical curricula based on an innovative and successful nurse residency model that positions staff educators and preceptors to support new nurses as they enter post-acute settings. Includes lesson plans and outlines! 

    Price: US $64.95 | ISBN: 9781945157011 | Release Date: 2017

  • Nursing Beyond the Bedside

    Today’s nurses have more career options than ever, many of which are outside of the traditional hospital setting. This new book focuses exclusively on 60 non-hospital nursing careers in areas where job growth is expected to remain strong. Each position includes a basic description, the required education or skills, typical work hours and settings, availability of specialty certifications, related professional organizations, and additional online resources for that specialty. 

    Price: US $29.95 | ISBN: 9781940446806 | Release Date: 2017

  • Home Care Nursing: Surviving in an Ever-Changing Care Environment

    Did you know that a greater proportion of the world's population is reaching 60 years of age or more? Keeping older adults healthier longer includes keeping them in their homes, creating a growing demand for nurses to deliver home-based care. In this practical and comprehensive guidebook, one of the top names in home care nursing, Tina M. Marrelli, MSN, MA, RN, FAAN, informs and challenges the reader through questions and discussion topics. The result is a definitive resource for understanding the challenges and complexities of healthcare at home.

    Price: US $49.95 | ISBN: 9781940446714 | Release Date: 2016

  • The Career Handoff: A Healthcare Leader's Guide to Knowledge & Wisdom Transfer Across Generations

    Authors Malloch and Porter-O'Grady share their own experiences to help present and future healthcare and nurse leaders with proactively preserving and sharing their valuable knowledge and experience across generations. Using an approach that emphasizes mentoring and sustainability of expertise, this book aims to facilitate smooth transitions and sustain the continued viability of healthcare organizations.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446509 | Release Date: 2015

  • Nurse on Board: Planning Your Path to the Boardroom

    Only a small fraction of healthcare board positions are held by nurses in the U.S., and it’s time that changed. Nurse on Board provides all the tools needed to attain and succeed in your first board role—or advance into ever-greater board responsibilities.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835926 | Release Date: 2015

  • The Staff Educator's Guide to Professional Development: Assessing and Enhancing Nurse Competency

    Higher acuity and more chronic patients, increasingly complex technology, and the rapid generation of knowledge all mean nurses must grow and adapt to continue providing high quality care for patients. This book provides nurse educators with the training tools they need to create a successful professional development program for nurses.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446264 | Release Date: 2015

  • Fostering Clinical Success: Using Clinical Narratives for Interprofessional Team Partnerships from Massachusetts General

    In Fostering Clinical Success, Massachusetts General Hospital nurse leaders share their model for creating, embedding, and fostering a narrative culture. Massachusetts General Hospital uses storytelling to significantly improve patient care and increase patient, family, and staff satisfaction while reducing costs.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835803 | Release Date: 2015

  • Accelerate Your Career in Nursing: A Guide to Professional Advancement and Recognition

    Wondering how to navigate the myriad of degrees, certifications, honors, and achievements to find the path that’s right for you? This book helps you
    pursue your dreams by showing you a road map to professional nursing success.

    Price: US $29.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554583 | Release Date: 2013

  • Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job

    No matter where you are in your nursing career, this is the book for you if you are struggling to find your ideal job. Full of tips, tricks, worksheets, a checklist, sample cover letters, and résumés, Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job will help you understand and strategically get through today’s job-search process.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554712 | Release Date: 2012

  • Volunteering at Home and Abroad

    Volunteering your time and talents to those in need can be a rewarding experience. Knowing that your efforts could improve the life of one person – or even the lives of a family or an entire community – can inspire you to reach out beyond your comfort zone.

    But how do you get started? This book serves as an excellent resource for finding a volunteer organization and selecting a program that is a good fit with your personal goals.

    Once you’ve embarked on your journey, how do you make the most of your experience? Do you know what cultural practices to take into consideration while providing care? How will you keep safe and healthy?

    Volunteering at Home and Abroad: The Essential Guide for Nurses helps you answer these critical questions and more. Authors Jeanne Leffers, PhD, RN, and Julia Plotnick, MPH, RN, FAAN, have volunteered extensively in both the United States and abroad and draw on their experiences to bring you this crucial roadmap for designing the best volunteer experience possible.

    Price: US $12.99 | ISBN: 9781-93053898-6 | Release Date: 2011

  • Nurse's Grant Writing Advantage

    Have you had to find project funding or contribute to a grant request? Grantwriting can be an intimidating concept for nurses. The Nurse’s Grantwriting Advantage by Rebecca Bowers-Lanier, offers a step-by-step guide for nurses who are writing a grant proposal for the first time or who have submitted previous grants but want to do so more effectively. With the popular Nurse Advantage Series, Grantwriting offers list, tips, tricks, and quick references; this book makes it easy for any nurse to understand what’s involved.

    Price: US $24.95 | ISBN: 9781-930538733 | Release Date: 2011

  • The Nurse's Social Media Advantage

    Blogs, chat groups, and other social media tools are changing the way health information is shared. This book shows you how to use social media and networking sites, participate in online communities, and effectively manage risks and liabilities.

    Price: US $12.99 | ISBN: 9781-93547601-6 | Release Date: 2010

  • The Nurse's Communication Advantage

    Business communication skills can make or break a career. This book will teach you how to develop powerful presentation skills, understand when to tweet and post to Facebook—and when not to—run productive meetings, and more!

    Price: US $12.99 | ISBN: 9781-405184-96-2 | Release Date: 2010

  • Why Retire?: Career Strategies for Third Age Nurses

    Nurses are aging and the workforce is shrinking. Whether you’re a nurse or a nurse manager, you’re looking for answers.

    Join nursing expert Fay L. Bower and business/sociology professor William A. Sadler as they outline a solution using a new paradigm of aging"—the Third Age, a period of life stretching from age 50 to 75 that can be an energizing time for renewal and growth.

    Price: US $12.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538764 | Release Date: 2009