Sigma hosted the third annual Emerging Global Healthcare Leadership Symposium, a part of the Institute for Global Healthcare Leadership, from 25-28 September in London, United Kingdom. Attendees, ranging in experience from graduate-level students to deans and professors who have led students on international mission trips, gathered for four days to listen to and interact with globally and regionally renowned speakers from across Europe.

The symposium began with a discussion to define global health, identify why it is important, and define how it is measured. Participants were given a high-level understanding of what is involved in global health. This was followed by a presentation on the global economy, a data-driven session that delved into the financial implications of addressing healthcare, both locally and globally.

Over the next three days, speakers continued to build upon the foundation that had been set. Practical information was shared about global health workforce planning and identifying current global healthcare issues, as well as emerging global health threats. Participants were given tools to navigate the unique challenges that often present themselves to global health leaders. Ethical concerns in global healthcare were addressed as well as real-world evidence about staying safe and secure in today’s ever-changing global landscape.

“The Emerging Global Healthcare Leadership Symposium was more incredible than I imagined it could be," said participant Pennie Sessler Branden. "Not only were the speakers top-notch but the topics fit together like a perfect puzzle to give information about and insight into the global health issues we are experiencing every day. I left this conference with a wealth of knowledge but also with a renewed sense of purpose about what I am able to do as a global leader locally and globally (i.e., 'glocally') to improve healthcare for all people. Further, I have more ideas to better prepare students and other health professionals to be able to rise to the challenge of better health for all.”
Sigma is excited to host this much-needed symposium again in Washington, DC, USA, in November 2019. This symposium is designed to prepare healthcare leaders from all disciplines and from each part of the world to view issues from a global perspective, so they can successfully participate in global health ventures, consulting, thought leadership, and practice. Anyone interested in becoming or growing as a global health leader would benefit from attending. Registration will open in January 2019. Learn more.

Special thanks to the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at The University of Texas at Arlington for being a gold sponsor of the Emerging Global Healthcare Leadership Symposium.