Institute for Global Healthcare Leadership

13-15 November 2019 in Washington, DC, USA

The Institute for Global Healthcare Leadership prepares healthcare leaders to effectively work in and/or lead major public health departments, public or private organizations, and global programs and initiatives, thereby directly and indirectly improving the health of people worldwide.

This conference is designed to prepare globally-aware healthcare leaders to:

  1. Participate in global healthcare ventures and networking.
  2. Become a global thought and practice leader, locally, and regionally.
  3. Provide local and regional consultation to meet dynamic global healthcare challenges.
  4. View healthcare issues from a global perspective.

Our experts will guide you through a wide range of global topics, including:

  • Global Health Executive Leadership
  • The Global Economy
  • Structure, Systems, and Support
  • Culture
  • Policy and Politics
  • Your Role: Influence v. Implementation
  • Networking and Trends
  • Tensions and Shifting Sands
  • Value Proposition
  • Ethics
  • Best Practices


Institute updates and instructions on how to register will be posted on this site as details are finalized. If you have other specific questions, please email