Great GAPFON Challenge

What is the Great GAPFON Challenge? 

The Great GAPFON Challenge is designed to recognize the creativity and contributions made by chapters that have developed and launched programs, projects, or activities that address the GAPFON strategies. Chapters are invited to submit nominations with the details of their completed program, project, or activity that meet this criterion.


Submission Criteria

Complete and submit the nomination form by 31 May 2019. The nomination should include the following criteria:

  • Statement on program purpose.

  • Description of the program or project in 150 words (e.g., chapter offered event, task force developed to address an issue, etc.).

  • Identification of which GAPFON strategy/strategies are being addressed.

  • Description of the outcome or results in 150 words (e.g., event attendance and/or evaluation results, what the task force accomplished, etc.).

Only completed projects and programs with evaluation data included will be eligible for consideration.  

Nominations and Awards

Nominations are due by 31 May 2019. The recipients will be recognized during the House of Delegates at the 45th Biennial Convention.

There will be up to three awards:

  • The first chapter awarded will receive US $200 in credit toward purchases of Sigma chapter products.
  • The second chapter awarded will receive US $150 in credit toward purchases of Sigma chapter products.
  • The third chapter awarded will receive US $100 in credit toward purchases of Sigma chapter products.
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Program Examples

Examples of a program addressing a GAPFON strategy include but are not limited to:

  • A chapter does community outreach to educate students about nursing.
    This addresses the Workforce Strategy: "Define nursing and midwifery roles and job responsibilities clearly in order to attract more people to the profession."
  • A chapter hosts a community event to educate the local population about certain health issues and building healthy habits.
    This addresses the Practice Strategy: "Develop and launch healthy lifestyle and resiliency campaigns in communities and schools."

Webinar: Your Great GAPFON Challenge Questions Answered

Watch recorded webinar:

Do you have questions or want additional information about the Great GAPFON Challenge in preparation for submitting your chapter’s nomination? Check out this recording of an informational webcast hosted by past Sigma president Cathy Catrambone. Remember, as part of the challenge, up to three chapters will receive gift certificates for the purchase of Sigma chapter products. If you plan to participate, you don’t want to miss this webcast!



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