Sigma's statement on Ukraine


Sigma, its international board of directors, and staff stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and support the nurses and healthcare workers tending to those affected by the widespread violence and destruction of the Russian military invasion. 

Protect nurses and healthcare workers
When military action creates a humanitarian crisis, nurses and healthcare workers are placed directly in danger on the frontlines. With our colleagues at the International Council of Nurses, we call for the protection of health workers in accordance with the Geneva Convention and international regulations.

Provide assistance
As this crisis unfolds, you may wonder how you can help. The following reputable organizations seek assistance to provide care and alleviate suffering in Ukraine:

In the face of conflict, we reflect that Sigma’s founders based the society on values of love, courage, and honor.

To the citizens of and our colleagues in Ukraine: We send and show our love. We applaud your courage. We honor your dedication and work.

And we hope for peace.

Thank you.