Sigma and Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC, Partners since 2011, Offering Affordable Professional Liability Protection

Mistakes can happen. Assessments may be missed, the wrong medication could be administered, or a lapse in judgment might be brought on by overwork. That is why adequate professional liability insurance is a must for every nurse, in every area, whether employed in a large healthcare system or a small practice. That is why Sigma has partnered with Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC – a decades-long trusted provider – to offer you affordable coverage.

Sigma members can qualify in one of four ways for a 10 percent premium credit on coverage that can cost as little as US $1011 a year that can offer coverage for defense costs, including legal fees and court costs for covered claims in addition to the liability limits. Also included, Sigma members can receive coverage for loss of earnings while attending trials, deposition hearings, and arbitration proceedings, along with attorney fees and licensing board issues2.

Visit or call 1-800-375-2764 today to learn more and get the protection you need at the rate you deserve.

Mercer is proud to be the Diamond Sponsor of Sigma’s 2018 Leadership Connection conference, 15-18 September, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Please stop by our exhibit to learn more.

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1Actual rate will vary based on professional designation. Visit for more details.
2This literature is a summary only and does not include all terms, conditions, or exclusions of the coverage descried. Please refer to the actual policy issued for complete details of coverage and exclusions.