Nursing Education Research Conference
Nursing Education Research Conference
Nursing Education Research Conference



The Presenter Acceptance Policy reflects the expectations of all presenters for this event.


Oral Presentation



In addition to the presentation on-site, we will also collect electronic copies of the presentations prior to the program to include in the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e‑Repository and for use as continuing nursing education following the program. Please upload your presentation no later than Thursday, February 13, 2020 using the button below:

Upload your presentation
You will need your abstract ID and password to sign into the system.
At the conference
  • Pick up your registration materials. This serves as your presenter check-in; no additional presenter registration is required on-site.
  • Test your PowerPoint presentation in the Presenter Ready Room prior to your session.
  • Arrive at the session room approximately 15 minutes before the session begins to meet the moderator and familiarize yourself with the set up.
  • Staff will be available in the Presenter Ready Room to explain how to use the equipment and to answer any additional questions.
Presenter Ready Room
  • The Presenter Ready Room is located in the Lafayette Room on the Ballroom Level of the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel. Please check the map of the venue in the program and signs on-site for the exact location.
  • Oral presenters may view their already loaded presentations on the computers. Changes to the presentations must be made at least one hour prior to the presentation and approved by the Nurse Planner on-site. Presentations can be made from handouts, which will be the responsibility of the presenting author. If a presentation is missing, please immediately notify staff.
  • The Presenter Ready Room is available for use during the following times:
    • Thursday, March 26: Noon-4:00 p.m. (1200-1600)
    • Friday, March 27: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (0800-1600)
    • Saturday, March 28: 8:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. (0800-1130)
Presentation Information

Oral Presentations

  • Each concurrent session is 30-75 minutes in length, allowing for one to three presentations per session. Presenters in sessions with two to three presentations are limited to 15 minutes plus five minutes for questions from the audience for each presentation.
  • Session moderators are instructed to terminate presentations which exceed their allotted time.
  • Please refer to your presenter letter for the date and time of your presentation. Presenter letters with scheduled presentations will be sent to all accepted presenting authors in mid-August 2019.
  • It is recommended that only one author present per oral presentation; however, if multiple authors present for a single presentation, the time allotted must be split between those presenters.
  • On-site, some sessions may have fewer presentations due to last minute cancellations. 

Working with your Moderator

To learn how to successfully work with your moderator and avoid conflicts of interest, please download the ANCC Compliance and Working with Your Session Moderator document using the button below.

Download it now

Audio/Visual Equipment Guidelines and Requirements
  • All session rooms are equipped with:
    • LCD projector for PowerPoint presentations
    • Lectern microphone
    • Computer
    • Projection screen
  • All PowerPoint presentations must be given on the provided computer and projector. Presenters CANNOT use personal equipment or attach personal equipment to the equipment provided by the audio/visual vendor.
  • Only provided equipment and software are available for use during presentation. Specialized software (Flash, QuickTime, etc.) will not be supported on-site.
PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines and Requirements
  • All presentations will be pre-loaded and linked by Sigma in order to reduce downtime due to technical problems and ease the transition between presenters.
  • Presentations must be uploaded via the Speaker’s Corner site no later than Thursday, February 13, 2020. Presenters not meeting this deadline will need to present their presentation by handout or be prepared not to use the provided equipment to present.
  • If unable to upload the presentation, contact to make arrangements.
  • Changes to the presentation must be made at least one hour prior to the presentation and approved by the Nurse Planner on-site.
  • Audio and video files are not permitted and will not be supported on-site.
  • PowerPoint is not required to present; however, no other equipment will be available for presentation except what is stated above.
  • If PowerPoint will not be used to present, please email Megan LoGreco ( no later than Thursday, February 13, 2020. Presenters not meeting this deadline will need to present their presentation by handout or be prepared not to use the provided equipment to present.
  • Presenters wishing to provide handouts should direct session attendees to access their presentation and pdf materials through the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e‑Repository. This will allow authors to quantify their impact and attendees will be able to access the information at anytime. For more details please visit the website.
  • The hotel has a business center where handouts can be made on-site for a fee.
  • Sigma Theta Tau International will NOT provide handouts for the concurrent sessions.
Speaker Guidelines for Addressing International Audiences

Adapted from a compilation by the ASAE International Section Listserv, May 2008

  • If the audience does not have English as their first language, speak slower than usual, and use simpler/smaller words, and simpler/shorter sentences.
  • Avoid ‘nation-centric’ expressions, idioms, or slang.
  • Limit the use of acronyms or internal lingo and jargon unless previously described/explained.
  • Make every attempt to learn more about your audience, their culture, and their preferred learning style. This will help you interpret their verbal feedback during a question and answer session or non-verbal response to your presentation.
PowerPoint Presentation Recommendations

General Information

  • Your audience will be multinational. Be sure to explain/define any slang terms, acronyms, etc.
  • Slides should not have more than five lines of information.
  • Be aware of time limitations.
  • Information should be spaced evenly on the page.
  • Speech is not written, but highlighted, on the page.


  • Use the option for ‘Font TrueType’.
  • Maintain consistent fonts throughout, using no more than two fonts on one slide.
  • Use traditional bullets (i.e., circles or squares), instead of ‘fun’ bullets. Depending on the version of PowerPoint used, some bullets may not transfer.
  • Background and font color are easy to read at a distance.
  • Font should be easy to read (no smaller than 24-point).
  • Headers are in the same font and font size throughout the presentation.
  • The body of the slides should be in the same font and font size throughout the presentation. 


  • Limit animations.
  • If using animation, be sure that animation is timed and transitions do not occur on the click.