Convention 2021
Convention 2021
Convention 2021


Regions will have the opportunity to host a 45-minute session about the nursing culture of their Sigma global region. This is an immersion program to develop cultural literacy and facilitate international networking.

Sigma’s convention theme is Honor the Past, Remember the Present, Create the Future. Each region that participates should offer an interactive experience where attendees will be actively engaged in learning about nursing's past, present, and future from that region. This could include a celebration of what makes nursing unique or similar between the countries and cultures within the region or the major initiatives that have or are shaping nursing, etc.

Engagement could involve, but is not limited to:

  • Host a living museum
  • A hands-on, collaborative activity, perhaps where attendees would be invited to participate
  • Audio/Visual representations (pictures, objects, flags, uniforms, etc.)
  • Interactive presentations


Each participating region will have one 45-minute session that will be offered once during convention.


  • To learn the history of nursing of that region/country
  • To learn the commonalities all countries share and to celebrate the differences
  • To acknowledge we are all part of a cultural community
  • To interact with other attendees in a different manner
  • To have fun!