Convention 2021
Convention 2021
Convention 2021


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Regions will have the opportunity to host a 45-minute session about the nursing culture of their Sigma global region. This is an immersion program to develop cultural literacy and facilitate international networking.

Sigma’s convention theme is Honor the Past, Remember the Present, Create the Future. Each region that participates should offer an interactive experience where attendees will be actively engaged in learning about nursing's past, present, and future from that region. This could include a celebration of what makes nursing unique or similar between the countries and cultures within the region or the major initiatives that have or are shaping nursing, etc.

The following sessions will take place at convention:

Celebrating Sustainability and Cultural Literacy Across European Nurses and Midwives: Past, Present and Future

The presentation will be about celebrating sustainability and cultural literacy across European Nurses & Midwives incorporating the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG's) formulated by the United Nations. The chapters form the European region will use examples of nursing icons past and present from Europe and tie these into the SDG's 2030 program

Window Into our Lands: The Story of Nursing in Latin America and the Caribbean

This will be a space to show in a visual and sonorous way multicultural thoughts and experiences of nursing professionals that are part of the Latin American and Caribbean region, in the framework of the 46th Biennial Convention.

Jordanian Nurses through Time

A video will present the history of the nursing profession in Jordan and how it has developed. Speakers from four generations (Boomers, Gen X, Millennial, Gen 2020) will present their stories to answer  questions about their thoughts on this topic.

The Evolution of Nursing in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States

Join us for an interactive presentation detailing the evolution of nursing practice, education, and research in the North American Region since the beginning of Sigma a century ago.