The Presenter Acceptance Policy reflects the expectations of all presenters for this event.


Please upload your presentation no later than 11:59 p.m. (2359) Eastern Time on Wednesday, 1 May 2024 using the button below:

Please note the mp4 file size limit: 1GB

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Preparing for your presentation

The success of your online presentation is truly based on your dedication and investment. Whether you are a seasoned public speaker—online or to a live audience—or this is your first online speaking engagement, please read over these best practices for what to know before, during, and after your online presentation to make it a success.

Setup and Planning

The initial steps required to setup and prepare for an online presentation are often the most important. The more time you allow for preparation, the more successful your presentation will be.

Technology Requirements

Use the following recommended equipment and network connections.

  • Internet enabled computer (PC/Mac – Laptop or Desktop)
  • Hard-wired Ethernet internet connection
  • Back-up telephone (office phone or cell phone)

Webcam (can use laptop webcam—must test BEFORE your presentation)

Wired USB headset for best quality, if possible

Speaking Environment

Set up your required technology equipment in a quiet/secluded area.

  • Make sure this area has hard-wired phone and internet connection capability.
  • Mare sure this area has a door you can close to eliminate outside distractions or interruptions.

Have enough space around you to have printed materials, a place to write down notes, etc.

Eliminate distractions and prevent interruptions.

  • Turn your cell phone on vibrate or silent.
  • Notify the people around you that you will be recording a presentation.
  • Place a do not disturb sign on your door.
  • Stop all incoming calls to the main phone you will be utilizing (i.e., Do Not Disturb button).
  • Turn off all email, instant messaging, and social network notifications.

Have a glass or bottle of water nearby.

Presenting on Camera or Webcam

  • Have a solid-colored background behind you that is not distracting; black or navy blue is usually the best. For live Q&A sessions, you may wish to download this congress background to use in Zoom, along with instructions on its use.
  • Wear appropriate neutral colored clothing; no bright colors, designs, etc.

Screen Sharing

  • Change your computer’s desktop background to a solid neutral color, or use the downloadable congress branded background.
  • Close all other windows being used to eliminate the possibility of participants seeing information you won't want them to see.
  • Test the websites/documents you will be sharing to make sure they are working.

Developing Your Presentation


  • Make sure your presentation is geared toward your audience.
  • Make sure the information you present fits within the time frame allotted.
  • No embedded videos or embedded links are allowed.

Presentation File

  • When creating the presentation file, set font sizes, colors and styles using the slide master. Using this method ensures consistency and saves time when adding slides and making global changes to your presentation later.
  • The background and font colors should be contrasting colors for ease of readability; an ideal color combination is a white background with dark blue or black font.
  • Slides should include text talking points as well as some graphic images, if possible, while trying to maintain a balance between white space and text.
  • All text should use standard fonts without serifs (such as Arial) for readability, with font sizes no smaller than 16.


  • If you will be the only one speaking, practice your presentation.
  • Time yourself, then decide if you need to add or remove any content to meet the allotted time you have available.
  • If you are presenting with others, practice together; rehearse who is speaking and when.
  • Familiarize yourself with the webinar technology; you can schedule a training session to learn the technology by contacting

Presentation Template

If you wish, you may download and utilize the conference-themed PowerPoint template we've created to help you format your presentation.

Tutorial Resources

Download these useful resources to help you prepare.

Presentation Information

Your pre-recorded presentation will be made available for viewing on the scheduled day and time of the presentation. A live Q&A session will be scheduled to immediately follow the pre-recorded presentation.

The live Q&A session times will be listed on the virtual platform schedule.

Presentation Guidelines and Requirements
  • Presenters will be asked to upload a presentation file as well as a pre-recorded mp4 video file. Virtual presentations only require the pre-recorded mp4 file be uploaded. If presenters decide to upload a presentation file as well, it will be included with their record in the Sigma Repository following the event.
  • All presentations will be reviewed for time limitation and accreditation guideline compliance. Any presentation not meeting these guidelines will need to be re-recorded. The time limitation on all oral recordings is 15 minutes. This time will be strictly enforced.
  • Presentations must be uploaded via the Speaker’s Corner site no later than 11:59 p.m. (2359) Eastern Time on Wednesday, 1 May 2024. Presenters not meeting this deadline will be removed from the program schedule.
  • Submit files using this format: Abstract Number_Last Name_Attribute data
    (Example: 111515_Last Name_Presentation OR 111515_Last Name_Reference Handout)
  • If unable to upload the presentation, contact