Sigma’s 34th International Nursing Research Congress

Sigma is hosting its 34th International Nursing Research Congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 20-23 July 2023 and hosting its virtual Congress 2-4 August 2023.

As with all congress site selections, this was a carefully considered decision. Abu Dhabi is a diverse, cosmopolitan capital city of the UAE with deserts, oases, mountains, beaches, islands, and an ancient heritage. Approximately 80% of the Abu Dhabi population is made up of non-Emirati expatriates, and the society has a high degree of tolerance for different lifestyles. Courtesy and hospitality are highly prized virtues, and the people are known for warmth and friendliness.

Sigma vetted the congress location for safety of attendees with the same considerations as all event sites. For this location there was an additional consideration: The organization had not held its annual congress in the Middle East since 1985.

Two of Sigma’s guiding principles state, “Sigma will deliver benefit services and access equitably,” and, “Sigma will foster global development.” Many members who live in the Middle East have been unable to attend Sigma events due to visa restrictions and travel costs, and members in Africa and Asia face expense and travel constraints prohibitive to events in North America. Staying true to the guiding principles, Sigma selected Abu Dhabi to deliver services equitably to members in and near that region.

Virtual event
For anyone hesitant or unable to travel to the UAE in person, Sigma is hosting a virtual Congress 2-4 August 2023, and we encourage you to consider this option.