Poster Presentation Guidelines


The Presenter Acceptance Policy reflects the expectations of all presenters for this event.

Poster Presentation


Please upload your poster PDF no later than 11:59 p.m. (2359) Eastern Time on Wednesday, 20 January 2021, using the button below:

Upload your poster PDF

You will need your abstract ID and password to sign into the system.

It is mandatory that poster presenters attend the Meet the Poster Authors Session listed below to allow attendees dedicated time to network with the presenters.

Poster Display Information
  • Sigma will supply the poster board for displaying your poster presentation.
  • Board: Foam Core
  • Board Format: Can be oriented either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical)
  • Usable Board Dimensions: 24 inches by 36 inches
  • No tables, electronics, or audiovisual equipment are allowed in the poster viewing area.
  • Push-pins and hook-and-loop type fasteners (such as VELCRO®) will be allowed to hang your poster. You will need to supply your own fasteners to hang your poster.
Poster board dimensions 24x36
Poster Viewing Times
Poster Session – Saturday, 20 February

Poster Setup – 8:00-8:30 a.m. (0800‑0830)
Meet the Poster Author – 1:25‑1:55 p.m. (1325‑1355)
Poster Removal – 2:55-3:35 p.m. (1455‑1535)

Recommendations for Effective Scientific Poster Communication
  • Don’t overload your poster. Please remember that you are not writing an article.
  • Seek simplicity; keep text to a minimum and avoid redundancies.
  • Be sure that your poster attracts attention, emphasizes important points, reads easily, and stimulates interest. Use, but don’t overuse, bold fonts and colors.
  • Facts should be printed in single phrases or words.
  • Define unfamiliar or complex terms as simply as possible.
  • Use pictorial or graphic illustrations to clarify and enhance a message. Figures and tables should cover approximately 50 percent of the poster area.
  • Use a typeface that is legible from six feet away.
  • Use a consistent font throughout.
  • Use a minimal amount of punctuation. Avoid abbreviations and acronyms where possible, especially in the conclusions.
  • The viewer should be able to grasp the total message in five minutes.
  • Feel free to provide one or more key references.
  • Handouts of your abstract, with your contact information, may facilitate future research communications with fellow conference attendees.