Exhibit, Sponsorship, & Advertising Opportunities

Applications accepted through 11 December 2020

Sigma's 2021 Creating Healthy Work Environments conference will bring together more than 600 student nurses and nurses in clinical practice, nursing management, administration, and education interested in exploring and defining the essential components of a healthy work environment and identifying strategies to create and nurture healthy interdisciplinary work environments.

Who should participate?

  • Academic Programs
  • Associations/Nonprofit Organizations
  • Book and Journal Publishers
  • Consulting Services
  • Continuing Education Providers
  • Education Technology Producers
  • Government or State Health Agencies
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Health and Wellness Product Providers
  • Hospital and School Equipment Suppliers
  • Medical/Health Product Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Professional Development Providers
  • Recruitment Organizations
  • Scrubs and Accessories Sellers
  • Software and Web-Based Product Companies
  • Simulation, Technology, and Skills Lab Providers
  • Test Prep Providers
  • Travel Nurse Recruiters


Includes complimentary six-foot skirted table for display purposes, two chairs, and two exhibit-only badges. Information for ordering additional equipment, electricity, etc., will be provided approximately three months in advance of the conference. Tables located in a high-traffic (unsecured) carpeted area.


Designated viewing times will be provided on Friday, 19 February, and Saturday, 20 February. The final exhibit schedule will be available soon.


Add your logo to your listing in the conference mobile app featuring exhibitors, program details, speaker bios, live updates, and much, much more. Two (2) conference push notifications (140-character limit) during exhibit viewing times also included.

*Non-profits located in lower and middle income countries may request information about other rates.


Sponsorship requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Sponsors may choose to be exclusive or may co-sponsor an event with one or more organizations unless there is inadequate space for more than one name/logo.

All package sponsors receive:

  • Complimentary table top display space (US $800 value)
  • Citation in the official pocket program
  • Recognition at the opening plenary session and on event viewing screen
  • Citation on conference website and mobile app, including logo
  • Sponsor ribbons for all representatives


Special recognition as a Silver conference sponsor including a selected event/activity (choose one):

  • Healthy Work Environment Awards Presentation — Recognize and honor a clinical facility and academic setting that demonstrate commitment in promoting a healthy work environment and excellence in healthcare outcomes.
  • Selfie Scavenger Hunt — Attendees will embark on their own selfie scavenger hunt via floor decals, located throughout the conference facilities, featuring your logo and a selfie challenge.
  • Sigma Career Advising (SOLD) — Attendees will be able to sign up in advance to receive career advice. As a Sigma career advising sponsor, you will receive this additional logo placement on the event website, onsite appointment forms, volunteer reminder cards and onsite room signage.
  • Sigma Wellness Track — Sigma is taking creating healthy work environments to heart! A special education track featuring interactive, rejuvenating sessions will allow nurses to engage in self-care practices such as mindfulness meditation and yoga.
  • Sigma Escape Room Experience — Up to 10 opportunities will be available on Saturday and Sunday for participants to solve a series of clues to save the medical data from a virus threat. This is fun and engaging activity is designed to help nurses explore team dynamics and discover their inner leader.
  • Expressions of Clinician Well-Being Traveling Art Gallery — This special art show is part of a traveling gallery curated by The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) and features 10 selected pieces, each approximately 2 feet wide by 8 feet tall. The show is a commitment by NAM to promote greater awareness and understanding and further shed light on clinician burnout and the solutions that support clinician well-being.


Special recognition as a Gold conference sponsor including a selected event/activity (choose one):

  • Attendee lanyards imprinted with your name/logo
  • Pocket Program with your name/logo featured prominently
  • Refillable/Sustainable Water Bottle – All attendees will receive a refillable water bottle (water coolers located throughout the facility) featuring your name and logo. A perfect opportunity to get your name out there during the event and beyond.
  • Zen Den Resource Center — Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the center and create a wellness kit to take home and also as a concept to implement in their environment. Kit will include relaxing scents, chocolates, personal affirmation station, list of meditation apps, and more.


Special recognition as a Platinum conference sponsor including a selected event/activity (choose one) plus a complimentary mobile app banner ad:

  • Conference mobile app including recognition on the splash page and a banner ad
  • Environmentally friendly attendee tote bags imprinted with your name/logo
  • Poster sessions (Friday-Sunday)
  • Opening Plenary Keynote (Friday)

*Non-profits located in lower and middle income countries may request information about other rates.



As the most widely-utilized member benefit, reaching nearly 45,000 people monthly, Sigma’s award-winning website creates a community where members from around the world come to connect, engage, and learn.

Advertising is available for the conference home page and call for abstracts page on a per-month, first-come, first-served basis. Files must be submitted to kathy@sigmanursing.org at least two weeks in advance of desired month(s). All website ads are rotating, with a guaranteed minimum 25% placement.

    Monthly Rates*
Home page 728 x 90 px/300 x 250 px (mobile) US $550
Abstracts page 728 x 90 px/300 x 250 px (mobile) US $350


The 2021 CHWE conference mobile app will feature complete program details, live updates, links to important presentation information, speaker bios, and more. Attendees may access the app via their smartphone or tablet. Your mobile app ad will rotate throughout the entire event for up to 10 seconds.

Please submit your banner ad in two sizes to kathy@sigmanursing.org on or before 15 January 2021 using these specifications: Smartphone: 640 x 150 pixels, PNG or JPEG; Tablet: 552 x 150 pixels, PNG or JPEG. You may link the ad to an outside URL starting with http:// or https://.


Request a one-time-only postal address list of registered pre- or post-event attendees. The signed list rental agreement must be completed and returned with purchase request. The pre-event list will be available approximately six weeks before the event, and the post-event list will be available approximately two weeks following the event.

*Non-profits located in lower and middle income countries may request information about other rates.

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

2021 Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

Please read the following information carefully. Your completion of an online application to sponsor conveys your acceptance of and willingness to abide by these Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) exhibitor rules and regulations as outlined.

Exhibit Hours and Staffing: Tabletop displays will be located in a high-traffic carpeted area and will be available for viewing during scheduled viewing times. (Note: This is not a secured space. Please see “Security/Liability” section below.) Displays must remain in place and be staffed during all designated exhibit viewing times.

Acceptance of Applications: Space is limited. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Sigma reserves the right to decline any or all exhibitor applications at its sole discretion.

Cancellation Policy: Full refunds will be given with written notice of cancellation received on or before 11 December 2020. No refund thereafter.

Exhibitor Registration: Each tabletop purchase includes two (2) exhibit-only badges. Exhibitors wishing to attend sessions and collect continuing education credits must register for the conference.

Equipment/Electricity/Internet: Exhibitors will be provided with a six-foot by 30-inch skirted table and two chairs located in a fully-carpeted area. Forms for purchasing additional items such as electricity, audiovisual equipment, easels, etc., will be provided approximately three months before the conference and/or upon acceptance of the space application.

Shipping/Deliveries: Information and forms will be provided approximately three months before the conference and/or upon acceptance of the application for space. A fee will be assessed equal to costs incurred by Sigma for booth materials left onsite.

Security/Liability: Neither Sigma nor the Fairmont Austin accepts any liability for equipment, goods, displays, or other materials that arrive or fail to arrive at the Fairmont Austin. The exhibitor shall maintain insurance sufficient to cover any claims or liabilities that may reasonably arise from or relate to your obligations according to this prospectus and will provide such proof of insurance upon request. Exhibitors shall indemnify and hold harmless Sigma and the Fairmont Austin and its servicing agents from all liability (damage or accident) that might ensue from any cause resulting from or connected with transportation, placing, removal, or display of exhibits. The exhibitor assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, defend, indemnify, and hold Sigma and the Fairmont Austin and its affiliates, employees, officers, directors, and agents harmless against all claims, losses, or damages to persons or property, governmental charges, or fines and attorney’s fees arising from or caused by its installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy, or use of the exhibition premises or a part thereof, excluding any such liability caused by the sole gross negligence of Sigma and the Fairmont Austin and its employees and agents. Neither party will be liable for punitive damages.

For more information, please contact kathy@sigmanursing.org or call 888.634.7575 (US/Canada toll-free) or +1.317.634.8171.